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Are you feeling the pressures of 2020 and not certain what direction to go in, but you want a life that matters because it has purpose for you and those you love? It is the oxygen mask theory first for you to be your optimal best as well as ready for what is next.  Life doesn't have to come at you, it can come through you with preparation through self-understanding, self-care, self-love and a dialed in mission, vision and action plan.  A Life Coach for business. personal or both can help you get there!  You count! 

Meet Carina

Executive Coach, Business Consultant & Communications Specialist with a Heart Driven Purpose

My body of work includes teaching, public speaking, leadership, business ownership including restaurant owners, and consultant.  What ties it all together is that my entire life speaks from my heart driven purpose.  I create opportunities and reasons to share my coaching and consulting services with others because I know the value that comes with self empowerment, passions, joy, and purpose.  Clients to students I have worked with are all looking to expand themselves on a professional and personal level.  I love helping my clients find their voice and their truth in purpose through the discovery of who they really are and then living the best version of themselves. 


Even before Covid-19 there was a huge disconnect, now more than ever we need to feel connected to our purpose and to those around us. 

Coaching can be one-on-one or with professional teams with God being our true coach in life. We all want improvements in our life, but most programs out there are exempt from God. Not sure why that is, but more and more, my clients and even my own calling is that I want to develop a deeper relationship with God and the only way to do that and to get to know myself best is to learn how to declutter life, relationships, storage items and the list goes on. With a life coach we can unpack that all together so we can achieve space for you to truly have time to develop yourself and your relationship with God.


Does wellness come in? Eating well? Having a social life? Sure, God wants all that and more for us, but it cannot replace our centering gravity, or core essence and that is our backbone of faith!   

By having your personal or team coach with God, I just truly come alongside of your and assist you on your way. I don't expect my clients to be lifetime, but I will enjoy seeing you claim yourself and renewing your relationship with Jesus.  Working together we determine ways to understand your true priorities and then create a meaningful action driven framework that includes daily prayer.  


2020 is definitely not what anyone expected, but for me, I believe it is a Vision Call to action!  Seeing what is happening with God's eyes and not just what the world tells me to see, but my inner core is calling me to see and witness.  Too often people do not know where they are in life and are so busy with there "why" statement they loose sight of their "who."  Who is God in your life? What is your God given strength? How will God be there for your Weakness?  


The best news is that we can pray together, strategize together, and have fellowship too. We are all here to live a life that is the best version of ourselves if we choose to do so by intentionally building a relationship with God first and foremost and then building our life on His foundation. By working with me, my clients feel empowered with prayer but also systems to create actionable pathways to prioritize life through clear understanding of self-value, self-care, self-love, vision, and personal mission.  No more "burnout or burning the candle at both ends" to live a fulfilling, engaging, and purposeful life! It is up to you to take the first step! Email me at


What I Specialize In

Coaching & Consulting 

Education Connections 

Leadership and Life Engagement


Human Resource Talent

Heart Driven Purpose starts at your core. If you had no limits in your dreams and desires, what would you ask for yourself? Yes, "for" and not "of" yourself!  
It is not an in-box or out-of-box thinking methodology because there is no box with Heart Driven Purpose people. Applicable in your personal, professional, wellness, social and alone time too!  In Italian we say "Forza." With this in mind, I understand that the force starts from the core, my heart. 
It's a pleasure to work with such a talented professional and I can't wait for another opportunity to work alongside such caring human being. It's a blessing to know her, and, a gift to work with her.
- Marvin Espinoza
Assistant Director, Head Start/Early Head Start at Crystal Stairs, Inc.
With Carina, it is sometimes hard to separate her warm personal side from her serious side, the business side. Yet I think this trait is one of her distinguishing character strengths. When it comes to people skills, Carina is truly gifted. She is able to relate to others on every human level. If you are fortunate enough to work with Carina you will be rewarded. 
- Jim Worsham 
Former President & CEO of the Long Beach Community Foundation
She is among the brightest and most competent professionals with whom I have had contact during my educational and professional careers. 
- Alex J. Norman, D.S.W. Professor Emeritus 
UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

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