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Executive Coach, Business Consultant & Communications Specialist with a Heart Driven Purpose

Heart Driven Purpose

It is time to be the best version of our personal and professional life.  As we wrap up a year that will go down in history, as unbelievable, we can all agree there has been plenty of time to reflect and possibly  worry too. Yet, we can also agree 2020 has given us an opportunity to genuinely connect to our hearts and tune out the noise of media distractions. This being the time to determine what is our true meaning in life by living our purpose. 


Now that we are moving towards the marathon year of 2021, it is time to reimagine ourselves, create an action plan that has next steps with innovation and forgiveness.  No different than a long distance runner, we have to fuel our bodies, mind and spirit to ignite our hearts to carry on, get over hurdles, and win too!


Let's face it, life is different and we are navigating a new system of how to live, work, pray, and play.  With that said, it is an important time to fine-tune our purpose branding communications.  Equally important it is time to prepare a next steps plan for a work and life balance.  It is time to achieve a culture of inclusiveness and to build your leadership team, staff, stakeholders, partners and contributors. You must cultivate pathways of educations, engagement and space to rally our champion brand ambassadors all around you. 


Are you now asking, "How do I do that? Why do that?" Today more than ever, people are looking for a connection and meaning in life, but not just for themselves, but also for the world around them.  Let's face it, we have missed each other in quarantine life.  As the founder of Heart Driven Purpose, I am available to help strategize and build your communications plan, rewrite your content for digital and print media,  fine-tune your social media brand alignment , and expand on your vision and mission to a depth of purpose branding and human connectedness.  We will make it the best version of you and your organization! 


I'm also happily providing workshops, one-on-one coaching, professional team trainings and course curriculum development to streamline learning for individuals, leadership teams as well as large professional learning communities. Just email me at or text her at 562-760-8957. 

Virtual hugs, 

Carina Cristiano 

Meet Carina

My body of work includes teaching, public speaking, leadership, business ownership, life coaching, and consulting.  What ties it all together is that my entire life speaks from my heart driven purpose.  I create opportunities and reasons to share my coaching and consulting services with others because I understand the value of knowing how to be your personal best and how to share your passions about your products and services in a meaningful way with others.  I also understand the importance to rise above hurdles and the importance of not giving up.  My interactive classes, trainings and engaging workshops are for online platforms or in social distancing work spaces. 


There is so much talk around your "why" and  yet it is equally important to know your "who." These times are tough for many,  but I still believe there is no reason for you to have an identity crisis now.  Rather people are going to come out ahead, or demonstrate their new idea with incredible growth and success. Why not try to have this be your story?  


I believe it starts by taking inventory of your professional, spiritual, emotional and health as part of your personal data collection. Consider it your own SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). It is your "start" in your GPS for the next year. 

Long range planning is still an important element in life planning, but the HERE AND NOW, comes first!  Get ready to know what you need to survive and thrive for the “end of the 2020 marathon.” 2021 is around the corner so finish strong and prepare for the next “Olympic trails of a lifetime.”

No matter what, don’t give in. It takes courage to continue moving forward when it feels like nothing is working out or the world as we know it is gone. Let your heart driven purpose keep you going! Be aware and ready with your heart, mind and soul!  Your possibilities can be wide open. 


I work with corporate clients, entrepreneurs, start ups, nonprofits, grassroots organizations and student groups too.  It doesn't matter the background because we start with the core!  I love helping clients looking to expand themselves on a professional and personal level, to be inclusive, to grow their portfolio, and develop foundations in which they can be solution driven and navigate potential storms for the betterment of our world today.   

I look forward to hearing from you! 

With sincere thanks, 

Carina Cristiano 



Life Coaching, Business and Entrepreneur Consultant, Communications and Branding, Professionals over 50, Health and Wellness, Education and Curriculum Development

Areas of Speciality

Coaching & Consulting

Education Connections

Leadership and Life Engagement


Human Resource Talent

Heart Driven Purpose starts at your core. If you had no limits in your dreams and desires, what would you ask for yourself? Yes, "for" and not "of" yourself!  
It is not an in-box or out-of-box thinking methodology because there is no box with Heart Driven Purpose people. It is an authentic inventory and mapping of your personal, professional, health, spiritual and social!  In Italian we say "Forza." With this in mind, let the force start from your heart's desire and purpose.
It's a pleasure to work with such a talented professional and I can't wait for another opportunity to work alongside such caring human being. It's a blessing to know her, and, a gift to work with her.
- Marvin Espinoza
Assistant Director, Head Start/Early Head Start at Crystal Stairs, Inc.
With Carina, it is sometimes hard to separate her warm personal side from her serious side, the business side. Yet I think this trait is one of her distinguishing character strengths. When it comes to people skills, Carina is truly gifted. She is able to relate to others on every human level. If you are fortunate enough to work with Carina you will be rewarded. 
- Jim Worsham 
Former President & CEO of the Long Beach Community Foundation
She is among the brightest and most competent professionals with whom I have had contact during my educational and professional careers. 
- Alex J. Norman, D.S.W. Professor Emeritus 
UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

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