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Meet Carina

Communications Specialist, Credentialed Teacher

& Executive Consultant 

Born and raised in a restaurant, I took my first steps in the aisle between booths and tables. I also learned by kindergarten how to seat people and by first grade take phone orders.  By 7th grade I was waitressing.  At the end of my senior year in high school, my parents handed me the keys to manage the restaurant and they took off for Europe for 4 weeks.  I broke two records. One in general sales, and then another for the Father's Day holiday.  This was all before computer technology.  Years later I have collected an action research of people that is phenomenal.  My ability of working with diversity is seen in my range of experiences and people.  Each wonderful person and situation is an accumulation and beautiful testimony of my life. 


Later when I attended Pepperdine University's Educational Leadership Academy for my M.S. in Administration, I was able to fine-tune this amazing gift of knowledge, data collection, awareness and ability to add to my leadership a repertoire. Focusing on how to blend in community development: education, business, workforce development, arts, culture, and technology.  My entrepreneurial spirit is based on my heart driven purpose. All with an intention for making the best choices in work and life. I have been blessed with project directing a social infrastructure project, leading several learning communities as facilitator, classroom teacher, business consultant, business owner, and restaurateur too. 


Besides my incredible blessing of a career I have a huge love for wellness, healthy living, social justice issues (human trafficking and children welfare) and animals. When not trying to save a dog or cat, I am devoting time to a local nonprofit called Gems Uncovered.  They provide prevention and after care to victims. When not doing charitable work, I am working out, reading books, walking my dogs and cooking non GMO organic meals. 

Life Coaching, Business and Entrepreneur Consultant, Communications and Branding, Professionals over 50, Health and Wellness, Education and Curriculum Development
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