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Creating your communications plan will include listening, engaging, and having conversations, both in person and online.  Build your platform, authentically and purposefully, with rich content. In this stage of the business development process, it is important to have an understanding of both your personal and professional story.  Potential clients want a relationship with the person they work with or the brand they have become a fan of too.  From there we focus your team and their understanding of you vision, mission, goals, objectives and brand.


Once our foundation is established with yourself, leadership team, staff and contributors, we move to the publicity and public relations messaging of your communications. This often includes the building of a communications tool kit.  Having this authentic understanding of self and others with a well established content, you will set yourself apart from the noise! Today people are seeking heart driven people to do business with and connect with too!  


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Communications and Branding 


  • HEART FULL OF LISTENING + MINDFUL ENGAGEMENT: How to listen and engage in meaningful conversation online and in person.

  • KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE/ COMMUNITY: personalizing the content to reflect the interests and priorities of your business and who you want to do business with too. It is the human experience not just a customer experience anymore. 

  • DEVELOP COLLABORATION: How to work with other contributors to your brand. Leadership team, staff, volunteers, guest speakers, and vendors to gather local news  industry expertises, influencers, and information sharing. Mastermind Creations Are Powerful Ways to Collaborate and Connect 

  • CAMPAIGNS: How to create, write, publish, and amplify campaigns using personal touches and case studies. 

  • PLAN AND PRODUCE: The importance of content development for short and long term objectives. Plans need to have action steps and timelines too. 

  • KEEPING CURRENT: Updates on new policy and advocacy, listening to followers through conversations and social media comments.  Build awareness around high priority topics that matter to you and your purpose.

  • RISE ABOVE THE NOISE:  How to develop a best practice for communications plan and implementation. Thus participating in the ecosystem of various social media platforms and in personal/professional engagement.   


COACHING MEETINGS:  These information sessions will be based on individual business and personal plans along with budget. If client is seeking technical training in addition to communications coaching that can be arranged as well. Digital literacy is as important to learn on a personal level as in business. 

Understanding Technology and Communications

I have been creating curriculum, teaching, leading social infrastructure projects and writing business communications plans since 2007; basically, the Year Facebook made its way into the communications landscape.  In today's world, there are important shifts happening with numerous technology pathways to communicate. Yet, in a nutshell, we have forgotten how to talk with each other and often with ourselves.   In general, we need to take a communications inventory and become human again, while having authentic connections with each other. Human experience weighs more in worth than a mere customer service experience. The human experience is a two way relationship whereas customer service can be sometimes be a lonely one way. More to talk about on that! Sign up for a training with me and we can talk in more detail 

Many of my clients want to stop watering down their message and make certain their message is what they want to convey about services, products, and brand. I believe style guides and marketing materials are created once we have understood the story well enough to tell it to others! The marketing materials are the platform of communications, the content must be genuine and human felt. 

My belief is that social media can be a platform to build trust, communities, brand influencers, followers,  and even like-minded friends.  Yet, it doesn't always result into a business transaction. Rather you are building your audience and you have the stage so to speak to share and interact with potential clients and friends. 

Once the story is written and ready to be shared digitally or by print, we gather all the potential brand ambassadors of the organization and we have an engagement session / brainstorm meet up for all to be on the same page and ready to share the story with enthusiasm, purpose, and buy-in. 


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