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Choose your pricing plan

  • 2020 HDP Plan

    2020 Heart Driven Purpose Plan & Introduction
    • One-On-One Assessment of Life, Goals & Priorities
    • One hour meeting with Carina to assess snapshot of life
    • Based on assessment, set priorities for self and career
    • Determine focused 4 priorities with action steps
    • Set up accountability check in's and review times
    • Receive coaching calls and texts messages of support
  • Monthly HDP Coaching

    Every month
    Can be one session of 1.30 or two 45 minutes
    Valid for 12 months
    • Initial Consultation Must Be Completed
    • Professional and Personal Plan Coaching
    • Customized Plan for Professional and Personal Goals
    • Waived fee for last Tuesday Meet Ups
    • Waived fee for Monthly Book Club (limited offer)
    • Ongoing Weekly Text Message Support Check In
  • Bi-Monthly Coaching

    Every month
    Perfect way to keep on track with personal/professional plan
    Valid for 6 months
    • Customized Personal and Professional Plan
    • Professional and Personal Coaching & Consulting
    • Ongoing support and weekly check in text message
    • Savings when you attend monthly meet up!
    • Savings when you sign up for package!
    • Waived Last Tuesday Meet Up Fee
    • Priority Scheduling
    • 2-1.30 calls a month or possible 3- 1 Hour
  • Team Growth Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for those wanting growth & team building
    Valid for 6 months
    • Weekly consults, group workshops, & continued education
    • 4 hours a month can be weekly or grouped as two or one
    • Branding with a Heart Driven Purpose for your team.
    • Professional and Personal Coaching and Consulting Services
    • Brand Ambassador Development and Team Building
    • Customized Workshops Based on Personal/Professional Plans
    • Up to 5 Designated Members Per Package From Team
    • Social Media training, branding, and coaching support
    • Priority Scheduling
  • Weekly Jump Starts

    Every week
    Perfect for Beginners to Life Coaching
    • 2020 Quick Plan
    • Weekly Zoom 30 minute calls to assess Heart Driven Plan
    • Receive Journal Prompt for the Week
    • Share experiences, successes, reflections and needs.
    • Have a space of light, love, coaching, and accountability
  • Communications Plan

    Every month
    Development, Training & Team Branding
    • Social Media Heart Brand
    • Assessment of Communications
    • Photographer and Videographer Recommendations
    • CRM and Data Influencers, "low hanging fruit."
    • Communications events for networking, gratitude & promotion.
    • Coaching, Training and Development of Key Staff
    • Brand Ambassador Education
    • Website updates, development, or rebranding
    • Personal one-on-one with Carina plus project management.
    • Print Media development and Style Guides
    • Graphics, Printing, & Website are an additional charge
    • Photography and Videography an additional charge
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