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Education is always my "food for thought."  I think of education as a big banquet of cuisine! Appetizers to desserts are trends, traditions, cultural influences or all three!  Knowledge is my appetite.  Whether from "The School of Life" or formalized education platforms.  Learning and teaching are my delicious meals that inspire me.


All Heart Driven Purpose course work, workshops, and social media trainings are developed platforms for hands-on-learning plus data-driven inspired workshops. Professional development and enrichment programs available based on customized needs. The benefits include personal development, academia, professional growth, resource connecting and leadership.


What sets my curriculum apart from others is real-world action research and practical applications, along with my love for teaching and learning! I am completely over the top when it comes to the fact that I love to teach, but I also love to learn!  I consider myself a life-long student of life.  Bon Appetite to Learning!


Social Media Training and Branding - The Human Side

I have been creating curriculum, teaching, leading social infrastructure projects and business communications plans, while utilizing social media since 2007.  In today's world, there are important shifts happening with all the technology pathways to communicate. In a nutshell, we have forgotten how to talk with each other and often with ourselves.  In general, we need to take inventory and become human again.


Avoid watering down your message. Make certain your message is what you want to convey about your services, products, and brand.  Give your clients or stakeholders a reason to look up from their phones and pay attention to you.  Whether in workshops or private consulting, I will review your communications plan and channels to see how it measures up to your business and heart driven purpose needs.


There will be weekly pop-in communications workshops in 2020 to discuss your needs and determine if continued workshops or one-on-one consulting appointments can enhance your communications both online and in person. Please check out my "program page" for more details.

Self-love, Self-care, and Self Branding for K-12 Plus Parent Training 

My teaching credential is multi-subject K-12, and I can create curriculum for schools from Kindergarten to University. As a former school teacher for Los Alamitos School District, I taught at Weaver Elementary, Los Alamitos Elementary and McGaugh Elementary.  Later, I took my love for education and business to create coursework in Entrepreneurship for Economic Workforce Development Career Technical Education through Small Business Development Center's Long Beach Community College and Los Angeles Community College's Los Angeles Harbor College. I love teaching entrepreneurship, leadership, communications, and community engagement.

Through these pathways, I became an expert not only in teaching social media utilization, but branding as well. Besides teaching adults the importance of social media utilization, I have taught important understanding and skills on branding.  Most recently I have created similar presentations on anti-bullying and self-branding for children focusing on ages 12-19. I look forward to piloting this program for parents and children alike.  Stay tuned for more details.

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