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Education Connections

Education is always my "food for thought."  I think of education as a big banquet of cuisine! Appetizers to desserts are trends, traditions, cultural influences or all three!  Knowledge is my appetite.  Whether from "The School of Life" or formalized education platforms.  Learning and teaching are my delicious meals that inspire me.


All Heart Driven Purpose course work, workshops, and social media trainings are developed platforms for hands-on-learning plus data-driven inspired workshops. Professional development and enrichment programs available based on customized needs. The benefits include personal development, academia, professional growth, resource connecting and leadership.


What sets my curriculum apart from others is real-world action research and practical applications, along with my love for teaching and learning! I am completely over the top when it comes to the fact that I love to teach, but I also love to learn!  I consider myself a life-long student of life.  Bon Appetite to Learning!


Champion Brand Ambassador Coaching & Workshops 

Over the years and many curriculums later, Carina has taught courses, led social infrastructure projects and designed business communications plans, honing in on social media strategy since 2007.  For the last five years, she has fine tuned her social media education to focus on branding and champion brand ambassadors. It was apparent to her early on that social media and the various methods to receive news and information was becoming saturated and noisy.  She teaches professionals ranging from elected officials, to newspaper editors, nonprofit executives, business owners, school administrators, top real estate producers, parent communities, grassroots organizers, creatives to students how to determine brand value for purpose branding. 


 One of her signature trainings gives great interactive brand education, understanding purpose branding, and how to enlist champion brand ambassadors for your marketing campaign objectives. Participants walk away with genuine "a-ha moments" and clarity when Carina demystifies the concept that you do not need to "do this alone. "


In today's world of 2020, there are important shifts happening with all the technology pathways to communicate and people's frustrations of being at home or disconnected to a human element.  In a nutshell, people are missing people interaction.  She feels this is an ideal time to build your teams from board members to volunteers. The human spirit is hungry to connect and to have purpose and help others with purpose too. 


Avoid watering down your brand by not having a clear message, mission and vision for others to resonate. Make certain your message is what you want to convey about your services, products, and brand.  Give your clients or stakeholders a reason to look up from their phones, get out of their heads and into their hearts to and pay attention to your brand value.   


Meetings and workshops are held digitally unless location is determined with safe socially distancing guidelines for participants and instructor. 

Life Coaching, Business and Entrepreneur Consultant, Communications and Branding, Professionals over 50, Health and Wellness, Education and Curriculum Development
Life Coaching, Business and Entrepreneur Consultant, Communications and Branding, Professionals over 50, Health and Wellness, Education and Curriculum Development

Social and Emotional Courses for Students to Build Self-Esteem and Self-Care for Students and Parents.

Carina created curriculum for schools from Kindergarten to University, but she is super enthusiastic about her anti-bullying, self esteem enriching workshops to understand "Me 2.0" in the digital world.  Similar to her adult branding classes for business or nonprofits, she has created a branding class for students to understand, "who they are and how they can utilize social media in a positive way to build their audience to have positive and safe interactions on the internet.  


As a former school teacher for Los Alamitos School District, Carina taught at Weaver Elementary,  Los Alamitos Elementary and McGaugh Elementary.  Later she taught "Ethics and Technology"  at the Port Of Los Angeles High School for a 4-unit college course for the Los Angles Community College District.  She also created coursework  on Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on digital communications for Economic Workforce Development in Career Technical Education through the Small Business Development Center . 

Her inspiration evolved from her entrepreneurial spirit, communications expertise and K-12 teaching experience to create an anti-bullying course on branding while building citizen journalism opportunities for students with a foundation in social emotional intelligence. Carina has been a life-time student of Louise Hay and was fortunate to attend two of her "I Can Do It Conferences" before Louise passed away.  


Helping students become knowledgable in themselves and then to have a healthing understanding on social media utilization for their life branding is such a win-win on life that she has opened up her workshops to the parent community too.  Parents experiencing displacement might find this an enriching opportunity to take this course as well. 

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