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Executive Coaching & Business Consulting

Heart Driven Purpose is a journey of what matters most in your your life, an exploration of your strengths, and authentication of your communications to make certain your messaging aligns with your vision, mission and goals.  These are unprecedented times, and having a clear message and building an audience of champion brand ambassadors and team couldn't be more essential as it is today.  2021 is around the corner and it is a time to reimagine yourself, take inventory of this last year, fine-tune your next steps in purpose, and create a year plan for implementation. Think not only about your why and who, but your how you want to make your mark on with purpose, passion and strategy! 

Life Coaching

The Heart Driven Purpose Program

2020 has been a year for all of us to take inventory of what we have, but for many of us a realization of what we can lose too.  Some questions that might be brewing: "Where is funding, a next job, security of home for my family, or livelihood if my business is shut down much longer."  Taking inventory doesn't mean we only look at the doom and gloom, or for that matter, just the highlights either.  Rather, we have a healthy discussion around what is going on and what could happen with a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) with an action plan that makes since to our data.  Whether a nonprofit, school, or small business, we are all on the same playing field during the Pandemic 2020 Shut Down and we will get through this with awareness, a reality check, strategic plan, discipline,  implementation and most importantly with each other.


Heart Driven Purpose (HDP) clients that are in real estate and construction are feeling their work has been faring well during these times while small business owners, especially retail and restaurants, are more on the concerned side of the spectrum.   

Whether one-on-one coaching, board development, leadership training, champion brand ambassadors workshops,  team building, or professional development workshops, all are possibilities and will be customized per client needs and budget. 

This is the time for business clients and nonprofit leaders to understand their needs to grow, re-invent and develop authentic relationships while "stay at home" requirements and preferences are in place. We create measurable goals with paired action steps, data, and timelines to support a unique purpose brand!  There is no "one size fits all" in a Heart Driven Purpose.  Each plan is customized specifically to the client's individual goals and needs now.   Never has there been a more ideal time to enlist in coaching and consulting services for yourself or your team.   You don't have to do this alone and together we have this! 

Business Growth

What is Your Personal GPS?

I think the most difficult challenge in business ownership or nonprofit leadership is that many leaders and managers fail to take inventory on an ongoing basis. Jim Maxwell has a "navigational theory" that I highly recommend to utilize and follow on a daily bases.  Without this kind of daily reflection, we might have an idea where we want to end up, maybe, but mostly we are free falling to get there. Add a global pandemic, unforseen rise in crime against businesses and communities, and difficulty in a market that is partially closed down during a volatile political election year, this is a time to stop and "take your temperature" on how you are doing and where you need to go.  


Without taking a detailed look at where you are today, what you have accomplished or what you need to get done, you have no idea where you are going.  Imagine, going onto WAZE or another GPS site and refusing to let the system know where you are at, but you are expecting it to advise you on how long it will take you to get there.  It won't work. Frankly, it doesn't work in life either.  The good news for our currention situation 3 year or 5 year strategic plans are great, but not as important as the here and now. You need to get started on your one year plan right away!  Whether you are in a for profit business model or nonprofit, Heart Driven Purpose can help you find a fresh set of eyes to look at your realities, give constructive communications advise, and assist in the writings necessary to document where you are so you know where you are going. Most importantly your  stakeholders, partners, and clients need to know where you are too. Important to note, you do not want your communications plan to reflect a "Where's Waldo" cartoon. 

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