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An opportunity for you to have a Life Coach or Business Consultant gives the ability to establish a healthy living plan making certain your personal and professional needs are met when designing your action plan for life!  This will include self assessments, career assessments, and debriefings through one-on-one or team coaching sessions.  Having your vision and mission in place you can explore a holistic approach to understanding that life doesn't happen to you, but through you when you include self-care, self-understanding, and self-love in your daily life. Once you have this, your why is evident.  Having a Life Coach is all about becoming and living your optimal best by establishing a foundation to build your life while surviving and thriving in this new 2020 decade. 


The Heart Driven Purpose Program

First, we have one-on-one conversations to not only review your "why" of life, but also "who." Who are you? We must know the who before the why can take place. 

From there, we discuss how to reclaim your passions for your who and why; discussing life's lessons, goals, aspirations, and the priorities that you want to see for yourself and your professional life. Then we create ways to bring it together as ONE, so that you can show up with confidence, respect, love and light in ALL situations. 

Here is where many of my business clients and nonprofit leaders discuss their needs to grow, re-invent, or create new outlets for personal and professional satisfaction. With this shift, comes your responsibilities to it all. Creating measurable action steps, including homework, some research and daily practice, we build from your who, why, and where to next.  I'm here as your accountability coach to support your unique brand! There is no "one size fits all" in a Heart Driven Purpose.  Each plan is customized specifically to the client's individual goals.  Never has there been a more ideal time to enlist in coaching and consulting services for yourself.  You don't have to do this alone. 


What is Your Personal GPS?

I think the most difficult challenge in business ownership is that many business owners fail to take inventory where they are at. They have an idea where they want to end up, maybe, but mostly they are free falling to get there. Without taking a detailed look at where you are today, what you have accomplished or what you need to get done, you have no idea where you are going. Period. 

Imagine, going onto WAZE or another GPS site and refusing to let the system know where you are at for it to give you directions on how you get there. It won't work. Frankly it doesn't work in life either.  Especially not business, but also in reference to your personal life. 

Typically, people only set goals at the beginning of the year, you know that good old fashioned new year's resolution tactic, with an enormous failure rate, yet every year people set out their new year with big plans. Why do their goals fail?  Certainly, an overzealous list of goals can be one reason, but the main reason is that they never took inventory where they are at so their goals aren't realistic, navigated, or with a timely impactful. 

To avoid this in my personal and professional life, I treat every month as a new beginning much like a new year's resolution reset.  The last few days of the month is a time of inventory for me.  What did I do, what did I not do, and what could I could I have done better or need to do better in the next month.  Then I visit my short-term goals and long-term goals because knowing where I am today, helps me strategically plan out my next month while keeping to my short- and long-term goals of my career path and intentions for personal victories.  Especially in terms of my wellness.  You can do this too! 

It was popular to talk about thriving and not just surviving until the entire world experienced 2020 unanimously. Let's face it, everything feels upside down and inside out whether in a bad way, good way or indifferent, that is not the point. The point is life as we knew it is gone.  Just as I sat down to write this, I hear that restaurants in Long Beach are now only allowed to serve on the patio and no longer have inside dining for another three weeks! Wow!  Add to that the requirement to wear masks and to keep a "social distance" of 6 feet from others.  People are losing their jobs left and right and unemployment isn't working out for everyone. and the list goes on.  Yet, we need to take an inventory on a personal and professional front to be responsible for our business, self and for our loved ones too.  Having a realistic inventory with focused reflection sessions will empower you to design a plan that can help maintain sanity through all of these unusual times. 

Let's take accountability now to achieve dreams and goals with an action driven and strategically planned  framework every month to keep you on track so you no longer need to marvel at "where does time go" with a monthly tracker. Don't become victimized by our times, but find a way to survive and thrive with a heart driven purpose! Email: 

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