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Resources for Talent Through Coaching & Consulting

First and foremost, remember that learning can and should be meaningful as well as fun with an engaging delivery.  Sadly, and too often, maybe organizations selects presenters based on their resume and not necessarily their ability to teach or coach others. Please remember just because someone is a senior staff member or a Rock Star in their industry, doesn’t necessarily mean they can teach, coach or consult others. Sometimes public speaking is not their wheelhouse, or they think it is, and it isn't either.  Your staff deserves to absorb knowledge with comfort and ease.  Typically if the atmosphere is set up as a learning community, participants will most likely learn concepts at a faster pace when they are presented trainings. Plus in this setting, the environment is typically more  fresh, lively and purposeful in participants conversations and interactions with each other. 


Consider putting a twist on your current employee training methods with an actual teacher that is qualified to make certain everyone in the room is engaged and their learning styles are met. It will inspire your team to be excited about learning.  Thus having them not only grow professionally, but personally too! Plus with this open culture they are more engaged to grasp new concepts for personal growth since they are connected to the learning. 


Growing your talent pool is how you ultimately grow your business. It is the "human experience hat" first that is necessary for  the "employee at" can be worn.  Your team needs to feel purpose and value in their job for it to have meaning.  Each individual member of your team whether entry level or senior leadership wants significance.  This can be acquired through a team having a heart driven purpose culture.   One of my  favorite philosophies is,  TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More!



Working with the executive leadership of the organization, Heart Driven Purpose will provide recruiting consultation and coaching by working alongside leadership to identify, source, solicit and interview candidates. Partnering with management teams to develop strategies for best in-house recruiting methods that align with organization culture, needs for talent pool, training/ on-boarding, establishing professional and personal goals to enhance longevity of talent acquisition. Attracting candidates with professional development goals while cultivating a culture of a Heart Driven Purpose for self and others. Adding authentic layers to connections in work and life. 


Other consulting services can include:


  • Champion Brand Ambassador Workshops

  • Onboarding

  • Ongoing Professional Development 

  • Life coaching sessions for Individual Employee or Teams

  • Social Media Utilizations 

  • Newsletter CRM Content Writing 

  • Wellness Programs

  • Customized Curriculum

  • Leadership Development 

Position Descriptions

A complete employee/volunteer training program includes a formal new hire curriculum  with an overview of the job expectations, responsibilities, performance skills and title functions. Equally important is an understanding of the culture, vision, mission, and goals for short term and long term planning.


With Heart Driven Purpose we make certain your organizational culture is a significant inclusion in the training right from the start!  The understanding of each of your new hires, agents, or leadership team, will give you a solid foundation to build a healthy work life relationship with them especially since so many companies are working remotely today. This is more essential than ever. Having a Heart Driven Purpose starts from the top in the organization and when your employees or 1099’s know their leadership cares; it can influence a greater impact on the personal and professional successes for all to have a healthier culture. 

Think of the impact when a relationships starts off with the "right foot" from the very beginning. This is what creates longevity and less turnover in your talent pool sourcing. 

Life Coaching, Business and Entrepreneur Consultant, Communications and Branding, Professionals over 50, Health and Wellness, Education and Curriculum Development
Life Coaching, Business and Entrepreneur Consultant, Communications and Branding, Professionals over 50, Health and Wellness, Education and Curriculum Development
Team Building
Everyone is invited to the table for personal and professional development. Your team member should never hear, "there is no place for you at the table."  With Heart Driven Purpose, all your staff will have more investment in your organization knowing you care enough to make certain everyone has access to life coaching sessions. When a team member, leadership executive or volunteer feels valued and respected, they add more authentically to the culture and dynamics of your work environment. Addresses the social and emotional times of today as well. 
Building Stronger Teams: 
  • Heart Driven Individual & Team Coaching
  • Team Brand Ambassadors & Marketing Collaborations
  • Schedule of Personal and Professional Workshops that Are Ongoing
  • Team Online or Socially Safe Distant Events. 
  • Collective Sharing of Goals and Aspirations Through Learning Labs or MasterMinds 
  • Platforms to Share Gifts and Talents in Creative and Fun Sharing Meeting Space
  • Activities To Demonstrate Life is Not All Work. It Can Be Playful, Energizing, & Fun Too whether in person or online. 
Education Connections
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