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Add More Beach Days to Your Calendar

I live in Southern California and I'm sad to admit, possibly embarrassed too, that I have stepped foot on a beach all of 3 times this year. Once with my visiting cousin and my mother to celebrate my mother's 86th birthday. We went to Crystal Cove, had a delicious late lunch, walked the beach and enjoyed a beautiful sunset too. Then the pandemic hit and our plans to go more often seized.

My second visit to the beach was in early summer with my photographer friend, John. So it was more work than play. And, for a third time with my friend Samantha and my dogs. If it wasn't for Sam's suggestion, our third time would have not happened.

We can all admit that 2020 has taught us that life is precious. With this understanding, we need to dig deep and live life to the fullest each day. I know, hard to do when everything around us has a heaviness of doom and gloom. I realized that I need to shake that off somehow. I needed to find more opportunities to live in the moment and I'm certainly grateful to have such amazing teachers in my dogs. If it wasn't for Sam suggesting the beach, I would still be searching on how to find a place of peace that I can safely go to.

We went to Huntington Beach, Dog Beach and the sun was shining brightly and the air was crisp! Perfect in my opinion. What struck me first was how fresh the air was and how much I was enjoying just the act of breathing! Exhilarating to take in deep breaths of clean ocean breezes filling my lungs. Plus the air was comforting while brushing along my cheeks. The second a-ha moment was the joy my dogs had as they pranced along the sand, testing and teasing the waters so to speak. This was their very first time at the beach for them and I connected to their wonderment too. Lastly, Sam is such a wonderful soul so her company added to our fun as well. This was just what my soul needed and I am truly grateful that I took her recommendation to heart.

Since that day, I can honestly say I've had a deep yearning to go back. Even profoundly on a spiritual level, as if God is asking me to enjoy His nature more. Which I plan to do. I have no idea what 2021 has in store for us, and like all of us, we need to wait and find out. What I can claim though is how to spend my time. I will not live to die, I'm going to live to live each day with the promise it has in the wonderment of my day. Looking to my dogs to remind me how it is done. Being in nature is such a wonderful boost to energy, healing and happiness too. As we know, there is no promise in tomorrow so my recommendation to you is to claim your day today. Add a "cherry on top" by making time to be in nature! Heart Driven Purpose is a way to pursue and live life to the fullest and in thanks be to God. Seize your day! Live your life's best!

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