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Begin Anywhere

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

During this pandemic there can a feeling of “stuck patterns." Days are running into months and time seems to have gotten away from us. You are in your pajamas until dinner only realizing you never got dressed for the day. Your intentions to workout were lost on sitting in front of your computer or with your phone. The list goes on during these months past.

The good news is that we all have a new year to have some new hope!

If your motivation is lagging or procrastination feels thick, know you aren’t alone! During these unusual times you must push through! Chances are others in your community are experiencing the same setbacks. Share your feelings within your friends and family circle. If possible, try to find a buddy system partner so you can help each other be accountable. The other day, I was meeting with my support group, and I shared with them, "I'm busier than ever for some reason." Even though the world has "shut down" my life has been crazy busy. As a matter of fact, just the act of taking a shower feels like an accomplishment sometimes. Lately, it feels like I have to work towards getting in the shower with the same effort of finishing a marathon. My group laughed with me and more importantly they could relate to me. That was comforting.

My suggestion regardless if on your own or in tandem, be mindful to take the first step. Regroup and don’t get consumed by an overly zealous list. You are in charge! Plus, you can begin from anywhere!

Maybe it’s taking a walk! Maybe you can organize your sock drawer! No joke!

Or how about rewriting your resume? Simple or detailed, just get started with something! Begin anywhere with a heart driven purpose in all that you do! That includes pushing through those invisible walls!

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