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Being Thankful

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Thanksgiving is not the only time to be thankful. I actually try to give thanks daily. Recently, I have been trying to say my thanks upon waking up and when going to bed, too. I'll be honest though, when I feel a little overloaded or it seems my schedule is trying to run away from me, I stop and go into my list of thanks; mindfully breathing with each thought of thanks. It does help to settle me, and I feel it is comforting to stop everything around me and give thanks.

Today, I decided I would think of my TOP 12 list of thanks:

1. God; my faith in God is my rock of foundation. Thank goodness I have a faith to count on and in some cases fall back onto too. Not to say my faith hasn't been shaken, as it has, and I'm not embarrassed to say that or admit that. Yet, God never gives up on me, and that is an endless love feeling that I hold deep in my heart.

2. My Mom. She is someone who is always there for me no matter what. In the good and bad of life, in our agreements or disagreements, she is always there as a strength and pillar for me and my pets.

3. Primary Veterinary Animal Care in Long Beach. Dr. Cuervo, Dr. Nguyen, Dr. Jacobo, Dr. Kate and the entire staff has blessed us with their amazing medical care and kindness. I feel like everyone that works there is part of my family. They definitely have a big piece of my heart.

4. Speaking of veterinary care, I couldn't imagine life without my fur children. They make me smile and give me reasons to feel unconditionally loved every day. Also, reason to get out of bed and to get moving in life and my day!

5. Bloch Wellness Center, Dr. Figge and Dr. Neally plus the entire staff. These chiropractors are about healing me each and every day. I couldn't be more blessed or more appreciative. My back is healing because of their outstanding chiropractic care. When everyone else just wanted to prescribe drugs, they prescribed solutions and medical care that made a difference to give me a road to recovery.

6. My friend Letha in Houston, Texas. We met during my week of training for a job, and little did I know, she would be my constant support and friend. She really is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to friendship. I cannot imagine not having her to call and share life with on a daily basis. She is also an amazing single mother of three! She is such an attentive and loving person in all that she does, and I'm blessed I get to call her my friend!

7. My health. Losing my health to a back injury is no joke. The fact that I can continue through my setbacks and feel stronger today than I ever have in my life is something I do not take for granted ever. Even on days that my back might feel a little weak, I now have resources and knowledge on what to do to feel better.

8. A huge thanks to my friend Veronica. She has been there throughout my workouts and even more importantly there during my time of injury. When I was thinking I might have to give up my notion that I could heal myself, she never gave up. She would continue to remind me that I will get better. She continued to text me to see if I was going to the gym. This is when I was in so much pain, I didn’t think I could walk. She continues to offer to set up my platforms so I can get to the gym with her and workout. Otherwise my present schedule has me running into the class or missing class all together. She helps me and sets me up despite how busy she is, she takes time for me. She is a generous and kind friend, and I'm very grateful for her in and out of the gym. Her continued support is wonderful to have on my recovery journey.

9. My friend Carol Whitney; healer and kind soul. She and I have been on this spiritual journey for several or more years now! With her friendship, I have pursued all kinds of wonderful people, philosophies, meditations, and prayers. She is centered in gratitude, and together, we went on a journey with living An Extraordinary Life with John Burgos. It is wonderful to have a partner friend in life, exploring light and love subjects; what counts in the mind, heart and life pillars. From many of our studies together, I have truly blossomed to be me. Even more of me! She has too, which I am so grateful to witness. I'm thankful that I'm at a point in my life that I'm completely comfortable with being me! I now choose my yes and my no in life with confidence and certainty. I have come to realize what works in my life and what does not. The does not, does not get a "yes" from me anymore. It is not mean, it is helpful. No more putting on my plate what doesn't belong to me! I'm so thankful for this understanding and journey, as I feel life has found me a new light with quality friends! Most importantly, quality time with me!

10. My fellow animal rescuers. It is not an easy task, especially those dealing with it day in and day out from irresponsible pet owners, cruelty cases, or cities' bureaucracy. I wish we could get animals the right to vote, so maybe they can have more rights and protections. Joking, but not. I'm very thankful that there are so many good people out there doing their personal best to save lives and educate the public. An extra huge thank you to fosters. Without fosters, rescues cannot save lives. Here are some notable rescues: Hand in Paw, Forever Home Pet Rescue/south, Safe Rescue Team, Live Love Animal Rescue, Frosted Faces, Labrador and Friends, and Beagles and Buddies. Plus, many more to list. If interested or have questions, please email your questions about rescuing and fostering at I am happy to answer any questions you might have or hopefully lead you the way to working with a wonderful rescue.

11. A thank you for my friend Cathy. She and I have become friends through rescue and yet our friendship grows because of our mutual respect for one another. She is a caring, thoughtful, intelligent, and positive person! I especially appreciate all that she does to save lives through her fostering and networking efforts. She works seamlessly with several rescues, as well. She is always getting along with others and not letting egos get in the way of rescue. She is a special soul, and I appreciate being able to call her my friend.

12. Last but not least, I am thankful for today! I'm thrilled that I feel I have accomplished all my goals for 2019, and this is such an awesome feeling! I could not have done this without prioritizing me through a heart driven purpose intention. Closing a decade, taking a deep breath, and knowing I made it makes me feel ready for what is next.

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