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Change Your Habits to Change Your Life

I posted this last year, full of enthusiasm and today it became a part of my reflection. It stirred in me to consider what happened in 2020 that was “ridiculously good” and I am grateful to claim a lot! Despite such hardship, calamity, sadness, illness, and struggle, there were ridiculously good things too! Summarized in faith, family, fur babies, friendship, and fitness!

Going into 2021, I have a good understanding based on reflection and prayer what I need to fine-tune for my “run in life,” or in other words, a continuous marathon.

I’m going the distance and just getting started. To do this I’m going to look at my daily habits. “Since habits are our external expressions of our internal realities.” Check out the book “Perfectly Yourself” written by Matthew Kelly. You will get this kind of understanding plus a whole lot more for inspiration and self leadership! I highly recommend this as a book for you to kickstart your year!

In crafting my plan and entertaining my visions, I realize there’s some habits I must change for some ridiculously good things to come my way this year too.

1.) Morning Prayers, first thing and without exception or distraction!

2.) Move My Body! Exercise is not only good for my physical health, but my mental health too! Plus it is good for my immune system! I’ve been told minimum 20 minutes a day and I’m shooting for 40 minutes. I guess I can’t kick the overachiever habit! Lol

3.) I’m reading daily and unplugging intentionally! Can’t be on my computer all day and night, it’s unhealthy! Reading helps me cultivate reasons, connections, and understanding of myself as well as others. Seeing the world not in comparison but through respect and new learning. Which ultimately brings a sense of meaning and definitely compassion!

That’s it for now. I need grounding and balance so keeping it simple! I feel having these 3 daily habits will give me the domino effect in other areas of my life!

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