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Christmas Lights Walking Tour

Christmas doesn't have to be too thought out. If it is not raining and weather is walking permitted, then take a walk in your neighborhood and check out your neighborhood lights. Bring your dog if it is not too cold for him, her or them too! As an American society we tend to over think and over spend Christmas. In my opinion, this is when we get caught up in the frenzy when it is not necessary to be in a frenzy during such a spiritual season that is symbolic of peace!

The other night as I was driving my mom home, I realized how gorgeous it was out with all the decorated homes! So if not raining, I'm going to take off in my neighborhood to check out the lights.

I plan to bundle up with a warm jacket, scarf, mittens and hat! Did I mention I was a Southern California native?

So if your weather is permitting enjoy a casual walk without being glued to the phone. Actually put your phone in your pocket or backpack as you walk. Due take the time to enjoy the fresh air, the twinkling lights and the quietness of your mind not racing to your next task or text! If you are with a loved ones, hold hands. Don't talk about your work, your problems or your stress. Instead, share your gratitudes with one another or discuss fond Christmas memories of the past. If a long walk then why not both! If you have children, bundle them up and tell them about Christmas stories of your past or sing with them your favorite Christmas songs! Get silly with your children and have fun together!

By the way, studies show our brains are being cluttered with negativity and think this, I've been told, "when you think of a situation past or present that is negative it has the same negative impact on your brain waves as when it happened. Doesn't make a. difference if the situation is happening or being remembered." So mindfully fill yourself with gratitude and happy memories. Think of it as giving your brain a "massage of happiness" so to speak and a dose of self-healing and self-care too!

For me, I am not presently with a significant other, so I'll take my dogs or my dogs and a friend with me. Regardless if alone or with someone, I cannot wait to be bundled up so I an go check out the lights. Filling my thoughts with pleasant memories and breathe into my gratitude as I take in the twinkling lights around me.

Oh! And on a final note, it will not cost me a dime. Okay, maybe a few dollars for the hot chocolate with marshmallows I plan to make for the occasion!

If alone, consider walking earlier in the evening. Always use extra precaution and safety when out and about if you are alone. Be mindful and aware of your surroundings period. If you don't want to walk alone, consider this a great opportunity to invite a neighbor to walk with you.

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