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Christmas Tree Decorating Postponed

Counting my blessings! Tonight was filled with Christmas tree decorating, shopping at Macy’s until 11 p.m. and late night dinner too. Never mind that my mom is 85, she’s going to be 86 in February and I love her example in energy!! Wow! Today after work and sharply after 5:00 p.m. it was all about my mom!

You see 3 weeks ago my mother came over to help me decorate my Christmas tree. Just after Thanksgiving.  I normally do all the decorating alone but this year she wanted to help. That night I started cooking us dinner, but with several distractions we stopped. My mom did unwrap several ornaments and started placing them on the tree but more distractions so we couldn’t continue. I made a mental note not to do the tree without my mom because I noticed how much enjoyment my mom was getting out of decorating it!  I’ll be honest, at first I was taken aback because I always enjoy unwrapping each ornament to walk down my memory lane, but her enjoyment of it visibly more than I could imagine! So I took a deep breathe and thought, “This is our year to unwrap and decorate the tree together.”

Well as life would have it, work and a few days not feeling so hot, sick dogs, and everything in between, we didn’t get back to it until tonight.  It was so much fun and I loved how my mom was so good at fixing ornaments or placing them just right. When finished we both loved the look and feel of the tree! The best part of the decorating was sharing this time with my mom.

Then she announces she wants to go to the mall. I thought maybe she was joking, but nope she wanted to go and off we went! 3 floors of Macy’s too! It was so much fun and we met so many nice people along the way. It was fantastic to meet people not on their phones and actually engaging with people around them. This included us!

Then off to dinner and here it is midnight and I’m finally home. My dogs were upset with me.

Here’s a few thoughts of thanks: 1. I must have thanked God twenty or more times tonight for my mom. Truly grateful. 2. 85 going on 86 with the energy of a 20 year old! She’s an excellent role model! 3. My tree is not only decorated with ornaments, but it’s filled with mother daughter love. Such a blessing for sure.

Merry Christmas Blessings!

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