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Classic Christmas Movie Nights

When I was married, I was pursuing my masters degree from Pepperdine University. It was a two year program streamlined into 11-months. My husband and I were also busy building his construction business. Plus we had two dogs going through cancer treatments. Talk about being tapped out financially and having to watch our social funds more closely!

During the Christmas holidays there was great comfort in watching classic Christmas movies! At least for me there was. I'm always up for a good cry with any of my favorite classics. Here is my favorite Christmas Movie List: Holiday Inn, Bells of Saint Mary's, It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol, and Christmas in Connecticut. Truly all my favorites! We would create a camp out in our living room with big fluffy comforters, extra pillows and blankets. We would also make a fire in our fireplace and either enjoy homemade popcorn and hot tea or home baked cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows. Back in the day we had DVDs to watch, but now you can streamline these great shows too.

I sometimes have families say that the old movies are too slow or too old fashioned for their children. I remember as a child having to sit through Lawerence Welk with my grandparents because my grandparents liked the show. Now talk about a slow show! Well, the point being, I think slowing down in my formative years was an important stage of my life. Nowadays too often parents are accommodating children into their overload of information and over stimulation of activity. What's wrong with the comfort of home, a homemade snack and everyone cuddling to watch an old movie? With the family dog or cat included?

Simplicity is the best. Good old fashion Good Will demonstrations and examples never gets old in my book. Hopefully you will try to engage in an activity like this or something similar to enjoy together at a nice easy pace! If you are single, I am too, I just do this for myself. My dogs are super company and we all love a good movie and a good cry.

Remember according to It's a Wonderful Life, "Every-time a bell rings it means an angel is getting their wings!" Believe in the season!

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