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Create a New Tradition

Day Two leading into the Christmas holiday and a must share is of my friend Letha's family tradition. For 27 years, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, there is a full blown Gingerbread House making celebration. In speaking about this family tradition Letha shares her mother orchestrates the entire operation! All the supplies including the candies! Plus her home is completely Christmas decorated, tree and all! It is her family's time together with such fun. She shares there can be at 30 children or more on this special day then add all the adults.

What I loved hearing about this is that everyone shows up! I love that the adults look forward to this tradition as much as the grandchildren. You know and I know this must be a lot of work for the mother, but what a beautiful family for appreciating it and showing appreciating it by enjoying every minute of it! A true blessing.

One year I bought Christmas bulbs from Michael's art store and a bunch of colored markers including gold, silver and white. I also bought ribbons of all colors, thanks to after Thanksgiving sale coupons. I invited some friends over and we made it potluck. After eating a super meal I passed out the Christmas bulbs and asked everyone to decorate their bulbs with art, inspiration or whatever their fancy! It was so much fun seeing everyone so involved in decorating their bulb. Once complete we went around the table sharing what inspired us and the meaning of our contribution. You know, I still hang the bulb I made that year and I continue to make a Christmas bulb per year even without the gathering. I do it for me. Now at Michael's they have all kinds of ornaments to decorate so you are not just limited to a bulb.

Now that I am single, I do not have much family close by and many of my friends have moved away. My suggestion is to check out meet up groups or bakeries that might be having gingerbread house making classes or crafting workshops. Also, if you are inclined, maybe discuss with neighbors or friends on creating an activity on your own. I realize nowadays, especially in my neighborhood, we are all stuck in our homes. Might be nice to have an activity in which neighbors can get together. My advice is to start small! Even if with one or two other people. Make it a potluck and have some fun decorating.

Or maybe this inspires you to create an activity like this and take it on the road to share with others, including those experiencing tough times in shelters. Whatever your tradition might be or could be, I hope you explore this holiday season as an opportunity to thrive with some traditional crafty things to do!

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