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Get the Baking Cookbooks Out!

Baking is a lost art. It is so easy for many families just to rush over to a big box store and buy cookies. Not that there is anything wrong with supporting local businesses, but there is an art about baking that I am going to ask everyone to slow down and enjoy! For this Christmas adventure of thriving in it and not just surviving, how about calling up mom, grandma, aunt, uncle, or cousin and ask about a family recipe that you can bake! If you do not have family, that is okay. Post on Facebook or Next Door for recipe ideas to share. Have a virtual "swap of cookie recipes" so to speak. If you have to then Google it, there is nothing wrong with that, but if you can please try to get a baking recipe from a family member, friend or neighbor.

For me, I have asked my mom to find the German Ricotta Raisin Cheesecake. It was my father's favorite cake and once he even ate the whole cake in the middle of the night! LOL! Imagine my mom's surprise when she woke up to it being gone! Actually to say it was my dad's favorite cake is an understatement. Also I asked my mom to find the hazel nut cookies that I cannot say were my favorite, but I know were a family tradition. What I cherish in memories is that I can remember seeing my grandma, aunt and mom all getting together to bake cakes and cookies in our kitchen. So for those reasons it made my list out of for cookie nostalgia. When my mother finds the recipes I'm happy to share. Just email me at to receive the recipe.

In recent years I remember one of my neighbor's children coming over and only having experienced slice and baked cookies. What a treat it was for me to share with her a recipe that we measured and sifted together to make the most delicious batch of cookies! That time together is priceless. It is also an unsolicited math lesson for younger children with measuring spoons and cups!

On a final note, one of my all time favorite cookie recipes is from Eleanor Cook. She was an angel to me, like a grandmother mother type. My biggest fan and my daily hugs and kisses too. Gosh was she the kindest person in memory. Well, she made her famous Italian Anisette Christmas Cookies and to say they were my favorite is a given. Maybe it was a combination of Eleanor's love that she poured into these cookies or the fact that my parents and I are huge licorice fans.

I wish I had her recipe, but I sadly do not. So for this assignment I did have to Google. When my mom comes over to bake, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. When I was searching the internet, Amanda's recipes for cookies sounds and looks just like Eleanor's cookies so I wanted to share the link. You do have to like the licorice taste to like these cookies. Although Amanda does make a nice suggestion if you do not by letting you know what you can substitute instead of anisette. Happy Baking!

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