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Happy Father's Day to All the Dads, Including God

I woke up this morning and the first thought that came to my mind was that I never wished God My Father, a Happy Father’s Day before and so I did. I was then immediately transported not in a dream but a vivid memory of my father telling me to always love God first and foremost. Of course being just a child, I immediately said. “You mean after you and mom.” My dad explained the significance of God and to honor him and love him most! Always. To be in conversation with God too!

My dad spent the rest of his almost 91 years of his life teaching me the importance of having a relationship with God by his example. We didn’t have to go to church weekly as much as we prayed and talked to God from morning to night and daily. There were a lot of my dad’s teaching stories about learning from life involving God, apostles, Jesus, Mary or even all faiths coming together, and everyone’s unity under the umbrella of God. Not sure if he was told these stories or if he made them up, but I can say I love sharing these stories with others.

He didn’t have to tell me to be kind, loving or generous because he just showed me how with all that he did in life. He spent hours talking with me and sharing stories! Plus being completely emerged and engaged in my life. I didn’t mind at all because I loved him. Much of how I counted on my dad, I grew up learning and knowing I could count on God too.

I knew it was a tremendous blessing and gift to have such a devoted dad, especially knowing my father’s own father walked out on his family when my dad was only ten years old. Forcing my dad to drop out of school and support his mom and little brother.

That didn’t stop his education though because he loved to read, he self taught himself 4 other languages, and he was always seeking knowledge in experiences, traveling, conversations, reading and prayers. Big history buff and loved reading history books! In reflection, I really believe his prayers were answered in life and he had abundance in God’s guidance too. People always commented on how it seemed good things came my dad’s way, not paying attention to how hard he worked and how much he prayed. He was lucky maybe, but he was most importantly and without doubt full of faith!

My dad might not have been perfect, he could make mistakes, but he turned those times into teachable moments too! No matter what he always worked things out because relationships were everything to him and he always showed me to consider all my relationships an extension through my relationship with God too!

It has been 6 years since he passed away and what a six years it has been. I’m glad I have God as my Father along with my beloved Dad in Heaven to talk to and to still seek their guidance, love and comfort!

Of course I miss my dad’s warm hugs, sparkle in eyes and voice dripping in love for me, but there’s no doubt why I woke this morning wanting to wish God a Happy Father’s Day. I sincerely believe my dad was whispering in my ear while asleep, “Carina, God is here for you! First and foremost, God is your number one in life!”

Thank you Dad for being the best dad in the world and now in heaven too!

God bless all the men taking sincere, loving and caring responsibility of their children to be the best dads possible and for bringing faith and the love of God to their children too! Teachings of faith are best served when demonstrated with a loving heart and example!

God bless dads today and everyday! Happy Father's Day to God, our Number One Father!

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