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Holiday Inn Play with Mom

Holiday Inn Movie is 1942 musical original movie starring Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, and Majorie Reynolds. Music by Irving Berlin featuring some truly timeless songs too. Here's a link with a glimpse of the original movie on Youtube,

Lucky for us, Musical Theater West of Long Beach had this production in Long Beach so we purchased tickets for a Sunday evening. The singing and dancing was so enjoyable! Really festive and fun to actual see live performers and not just performers on a movie screen. We both walked away feeling it was a nice switch to the day and I'm glad I made time for us to spend seeing a play. There are so many excuses why we could have not fit it in, but we made seeing a play a priority.

Although going to a play doesn't have to be just Christmas, try to support your local theater. throughout the year. Maybe make it a part of your 2020 calendar too! You do not want local theater to be a lost art. Children are missing out if they have not experienced a real live play experience. There is something about being a part of the audience that a visual movie cannot give you.

Here's a link to Musical Theater West's link for this play too:

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