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Holiday Tradition Kept

Ever since South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California opened, my parents and I would make several trips to the mall. Despite our business restaurant owning and operating lives, we managed to make time to go. You see, my mom doesn’t drive freeways, but this is her favorite mall so my dad and I made every effort to take her.

My dad had polio has a child, and sometimes long hours for my dad could be painful for his legs. On these occasions he would often grab an Italian newspaper to read about Italian soccer and have a coffee while I’d go store to store with my mom. Part of the mission would be for me to take note of anything she liked so we could go back and buy it for her as a surprise gift.

My parents were hard workers, incredible entrepreneurs and true partners in life. This year was so busy, but I was on a mission to get here at least once with my mom, for my mom. For some reason whether it was my work schedule, her doctor appointments, sick dogs, or a mix of life and the holidays, we kept postponing it. Thankfully we made in in the nick of time! I'm certain my dad was smiling from heaven at us too.

We also had an enjoyable dinner at Mezette just across the way in Crystal Court. Wow! What delicious pizza, salad and pasta! Outstanding and friendly service too. We might have been in a rush to get to the shopping mall,, but once there and while enjoying dinner, it turned into a truly pleasurable evening! Our new favorite restaurant at the mall now too. Here is the restaurant link if you want to check it out:

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