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Hope and Rest This Second Sunday

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Today marks the second Sunday of the Advent calendar leading up to Christmas. I asked for various interpretations of what the second Sunday means symbolically as we light our second candle, and I'm told it is "hope." Hope in the preparation of the Messiah coming. In my Google search I find this devotion form Making Christmas about Christ with Permission, "Heavenly Father, You are the source of all hope and we know our hope is in You -- You will not disappoint us. Teach us this week to anchor our hope in Jesus. Help us to persevere with You when we feel like giving up. We eagerly wait for Your return. Amen." I loved the reference that what Jesus teaches us will not disappoint.

With my clients I do like to talk about having a day of rest. Doesn't matter your faith, we all need a day off to recharge! Whether it is Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, or whatever your schedule permits. We all need time to be completely off and unplugged. If you have children, you children need to see this too!

For me when I take a complete day to not have plans with anyone, limit my phone calls and text messages, possibly exercise or not, walk the dogs or not, sleep in or take a nap, I'm completely recharged for the week ahead. On a personal level I feel rested within my core too. My heart is open to possibilities and my mind clear to receive them.

I haven't been able to keep to a Sunday off and sometimes the day off is rotated into two. Yet I can testify that those days I take for me are significant to my overall wellness plan. Plus give yourself permission to nap and rest in general.

My friend Letha in Texas shared that she is going to read from the bible Luke. Luke is 24 chapters so one leading up to Christmas daily. I have followed her lead reading a chapter a day too. I have to say, I'm enjoying this practice. Before I go to bed I am journaling my thanks, reading one chapter of Luke and four pages from my book on finance. I sleep so much better on these nights rather than when I'm watching television or on my phone or computer. This reading and journaling practice fills my mind, heart, body and spirit. I can truly rest afterward and sleep better too.

Hope this gives some light on how to thrive Christmas in hope and spirit and not just survive it! Also, if you can this coming week, contemplate what you are hopeful for in the week ahead. Think in terms of what teachings you are open to in the week ahead both spiritually and mentally.

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