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Information Highways of 2020

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

We have passed the two week mark in 2020 and I will not ask you how your resolutions are going. Resolutions have a pass or fail and I rather look at the momentum in life and practices that make sense. How is that going and where are you maybe getting caught up in that?

For 2020, it is important for me to maintain my grounding of 2019. I loved what I accomplished last year and I feel it is wonderful to continue that momentum into this New Year by practicing it and then turning it around and sharing with others.  Sharing is caring and this is no different!

While monitoring me, I realized Heart Driven Purpose is also an opportunity to seize the frenzy of communications. Let me explain my communications pathways that can happen in a given day:

Two cell phones therefore two voicemails, two phone call platforms and text message systems and multiple ways to check emails, social media, and other platforms too.

What's App, the newest application and one of my now favorites only because my new and dear friend from Europe is on it so we can message each other or call each other for free! Plus my mother's neighborhood group so I can stay in the "know" of her community and relay important information to her. Plus her neighbors reach out to me on a one-on-one so I need to check that as well.

Facebook, my main social media platform, because it is my largest and most engaged community.  In addition to my own profile, my business profile, community groups, clients, animal rescues, and messenger too.

Linkedin. Not on it as much as the others, but nevertheless I receive private messages to respond to too.

Instagram (IG) and I keep forgetting to check my Direct Message on IG, but I'm not getting caught up in the DM's just noting to self to check these when I can.

Emails through 5 different email addresses from my desktop or laptop. Did I mention I am purchasing an Ipad this year too? One more device to carry with me to work.

Then there is my blog private messages and my anticipate of my podcasts too.

Let's not forget WAZE notifying me when I need to leave earlier to get to my appointment on time due to a traffic update.

Wow! So you see that can be a lot. How are you feeling about all your communications? Are you keeping up? Are you overwhelmed? Are you trying to fine tune it? Do you know how to streamline it while maintaining your professional and personal communications needs? Would you like some help?

Well part of the Heart Driven Purpose methodology is not have it come at you, but through you. What can I learn from this and how can I adapt it to my life? Prioritizing what platforms are the most important to check daily, every other day, weekly or monthly. I'm in the driver seat of my life and my heart is my navigator.   Heart fully reminding myself that these communications vehicles are not driving me. I’m driving it! All of it has also reminded me to slow down too! When you feel rushed, stop to breathe!

For me unplugging from technology is essential and how I do that I don't have my phone "on me" from morning to night. I'll admit I have to mindfully practice this because in today's age, technology can be addicting. Especially relaunching my coaching aspect to my consulting business while rebranding! Plus, I teach social media utilization and digital literacy. With that all in motion, I still need to be mindful of unplugging, grounding, and breathing too!

Some of my practices on a daily basis:

1. In real estate, agents do what is called "time blocking." For those who do not know, this is a time where they devote one to two hours of their day to reach out to their sphere of influence with no other distractions. They are not multi tasking while calling people, or surfing the internet either. They are intentionally focused on reaching out to their client or sphere of influence base and they do not allow any other distractions. Going into a real estate office you will often see a sign outside an office door with "do not disturb" for their quality time blocking. I adapted this concept for me in my professional life as, I block time to reach out to clients as well as colleagues that I would like to partner with too.

2. I turn off all the technology and read a book! I just saw on Facebook link an article called "People who read books are nicer than those who don't, study finds." I'm not sure if I'm convinced by it, but what a nice thought to inspire more people to read maybe! Many of my clients are frustrated with the fact that they do not have time to read, and I will suggest just reading one page a day! One page a day will lead to 30 to 31 pages a month! At least one book a year is better than no books a year. How it works for me is I have committed to 4 pages. A very wise woman, Nikki Miller, Team Leader of Keller Williams Santa Monica, suggested 4 pages a day. I remember thinking, "oh I can read more than that," but on the way home I realized "why am I over shooting again." I'm going to be on the freeway going home in traffic for at least 2 hours so why not start with reasonable baby steps to achieve my goal. The whole overachieving is overrated if it comes at a cost of self-care, self-love, and self-time. So I have been reading 4 pages a day, if time permits I read more. If I skip a day I forgive myself too. The point is I'm getting closer to reading a book per month or at least every other month and I feel this self knowledge time is more dynamic in my communications toolbox than just chasing messages and replying on the run. It is the, "I take the oxygen mask for myself first philosophy."

3. Speaking of traffic, I do live in Southern California where traffic is a part of daily life outside my front door, and for me what helps is that I listen to podcasts. This is such a wonderful way to stay engaged while I drive and not be tempted to take every call that comes in or worse text while driving. I love Audible by the way! I have several friends saying they cannot justify the $9.95 a month, but we all know they can. They choose not to and I question why not make personal development or self time a priority. Reading and books on Audible are mini Master Classes to me. Let's face it, education is reading and there is no formal education required to gift yourself knowledge daily with a book or book on tape! With today's pricing, $9.95 is a coffee and a half! Books on Audible that are my absolute favorite: "What I Know For Sure" by Oprah Winfrey and "Calling in the The One" by Katherine Woodward Thomas. On Audible I also discovered my latest and greatest "Becoming Nobody" by Ram Dass. All three are such enriching messages, thought provoking opportunities to expand myself by listening through my intuitive heart and calming my brain from multi-tasking. Okay so I am somewhat multi tasking if I'm driving and listening to these, but it is similar to driving and listening to music for me. The point is I'm silencing the chatter and opening myself up to receive information and be in the moment. All three of these Audibles have also become my "home time" listening too. Good books can become like good friends not that they replace friends, but a good book can inspire enriching conversations with others.

4. For me, meditation, prayer, and gratitude are daily routines that I practice. I'll be honest, I'm not natural at meditation but thankfully there is my Chopra Center App. I place my phone on the charger, turn up the volume and listen to beautifully inspired messages of peaceful thinking and time for quietness of the mind with an invitation to open my heart. I try to do one of these daily, approximately 20 minutes each. So I'm not chasing technology but having it as a tool and not a crutch. I also pray when I wake up, throughout the day and before I go to bed at night. I also make note of my gratitudes daily whether by writing it down in my journal or calling it out as it happens in the course of my day! I also will silence my day by saying my gratitude through prayer when I go to bed at night.

5. Listen to music, sing along to songs or dance! All three are truly liberating of the mind, body and heart! To me my heart is my soul connection. I cannot say there is a particular genre of music, as my music for the day is influenced by my mood. Therefore I feel I have a rich selection of varieties in calming, R&B, Hip Hop, Country, Rock, Jazz, Classical, and Christian.

It is all about not being chased or to chase technology, but to have it available as a positive and influential tool in my communications toolbox. I love meeting with clients to set up their communications plan, but as part of that plan I help them carve out time to be themselves and not strapped to their information technologies that they lose sight of living their Heart Driven Purpose life! Certainly check out my programs and let's discuss who I can assist you in living your Heart Driven Purpose today!

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