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I Don't Have Time To Exercise

Did you know that generally the number one reason to not exercise is "no time." My schedule can sometimes feel compacted with an unforeseen traffic or client delay. I get it! Life can be busy even with our best intentions, add the holidays with longer lines all around us and it is easier to slip into "No, I don't have time to workout" rather than making time to create a yes opportunity to workout! Think of it as feeding your body with healthy movements. Let's talk abut choosing our yes and no in life in terms of working out. Is it that you do not have time, or are you choosing not to make time to work out. Chances are it is the later.

Again, I hear you and I get it! I commute a lot for my work lately, and it can be hours on end sometimes. That wrecks havoc on my back, hips and legs. Right ankle included in bumper to bumper traffic. Then add my favorite gym classes were canceled due to the gym closing to remodel! Then there are one hundred other reasons I can let get in the way!

Well, I realized that I needed to come up with a plan B and I definitely needed to be intentional to choose working out and not fall prey to the "I don't have time" syndrome that prevails all around me. Instead, I invested in several Daily Om workouts. Not familiar with Daily Om? Check it out. They have classes, workshops, lessons, you name it starting at $15 per course! Once downloaded you can workout anytime with your phone or access to a computer. The classes I selected are from 6 minutes to 25 minutes. I mix and match sometimes. Or I just do a quick 15-20 minutes. If Daily Om doesn't suit your needs, check out You Tube. Fantastic selections of free workout videos there too! My friend Rachel suggested Tai Chi to me and I was so impressed with the free You Tube selections! Here is my favorite person to follow: .

In my journey to say yes to exercise, I realize that anything is better than nothing! Plus my back, hips and legs feel so much better when I am mindfully working out daily even if for just a short time. The tightness and numbness go away! My preference of course is 40 to 90 minutes of working out but that isn't always realistic. I need to fit in sleep which I have learned is as important as exercise for me.

Still not convinced to turn your no into a yes for working out? On, I found "Moderate activity is all you need. Exercise improves your overall fitness, which can help boost your immune system -- the body's defense against infections. ... Researchers found that regular walking may lead to a higher number of white blood cells, which fight infections." So it is not just about keeping in shape or fitting into your jeans, it is actually good for you! 15 to 20 minutes are better than nothing! Or hey, how about starting with 10 minutes a day provided your health professional approves you doing a form of exercise activity. Always check with your health professional if you have question on whether you personally can workout or not.

Your 2020 plan for self-care and self-love can start now with a Heart Driven Purpose.

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