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I'm Still Standing

I AM STILL STANDING! Who else woke up thinking, “what the heck was 2020 all about anyway?” Plus, who else thanked God for His grace and mercy this year too? My mother is 86, diabetic, cancer survivor and she is here! Praise the Lord! Healthier than me too! My inspiration for strength and endurance too.

To think, last January 1, 2020, I was referencing “Sara Hamilton from the Terminator movie and to say this next decade will be a “no in box or out of box thinking, but to throw out the box.” Wow! Well, isn’t that the truth! Let’s be honest, the rollercoaster is not over. Not with so many people unemployed. Middle class knees broken (yes, old fashioned mafia reference)and people still lost in a sea of confusion without navigating by faith, but science instead. A virus that is relentless and causing local and international suffering on so many levels: physical, spiritual and personal too. Tragic losses of life from the virus, other illnesses, suicide and accidents. Forcing us as a society to recognize there is bigger meaning to our life and our purpose in this life. Can we figure out a way to “all get along.” Spoken by Rodney King.

2020 was filled with narratives that have broken apart families and friends. Destroyed communities and neighborly love. Stay at home orders are great if you have a family or significant other, “too bad if you are all alone.” Such a cruelty about it all that I only had one way, and that was to pray my way through it, confide in those I felt safe to talk with about my feelings, time with my mother , love on my dogs, journal , read , and search for meaning through the silent voice within, the Holy Spirit. In all the darkness of 2020, I’d be off to not shine light on it too.

My suggestion for everyone is to write your blessings down and read back to yourself often in 2021. This will give you comfort knowing you had blessings and lessons that you made it through to the other side... 2021! Maybe some of the bad things brought about a good in you, a growth or expansion needing to break through too. Maybe it still feels too dark,... don’t be hard on yourself. Show yourself forgiveness and kindness too! Find someone to talk with and get help now. Here’s to 2021. Hold on tight ! Be in the moment to the best of your abilities!

Heart Driven Purpose determination,

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