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Living Life to the Fullest

7 years ago I was invited to join this team to do a Mud Run 3 weeks prior to the event. They were training for months, but team members dropped out and they felt they needed 1 more! Even though I didn’t train with them, I was working out weekly & throughout my life, so I just added a few new #routines to my already established #workouts! I would go to El Dorado Park’s grass area & imagine running through tires. Instead of swimming in my lap #pool , I started #running through it having the water be my resistance thinking it might feel like that or thicker in #mud.

Once there I was nervous, thinking what the heck did I get myself into now! Yet I agreed to be part of the #team & if you know anything about me, you know I always follow through with my #commitments & #promises even if I “rather not” because of the team!

Hardest part was the steep uphills. People who obviously did not train seriously or routinely couldn’t make it up the ridiculous wet uphill task, continuing to slide back 5-6 feet! Making it really dangerous feeling for me, knowing they could knock me off this steep hill. I remember being frustrated & scared by their lack of work prior to this! Putting me at risk of my own safety, but I had to somehow dodge the sliding unprepared people & seriously focus on getting to the top so I could move on in the race! Which I did.

I made it & surprisingly in good time too! It wasn’t a glorious feeling at the end because the light pressured public showers were no match for the mud stuck on my body! I couldn’t imagine “mud being stuck there too!” When the mud starts to harden on your skin it actually hurts your skin! Yet it wasn’t until I was home and after I scrubbed the first layer of skin and mud off my body that I could #breathe a sigh of relief that I did it. I swore I’d never do it again, but 7 years later I wonder, will I ever be inspired to do it again?

Who knows, but what I do know is that life is a race and you never know when you might be called on to show your endurance physically, spiritually, or intelligently, but when you are called on are you ready #mind, #body & #spirit?

2020 has been a testimony of this call for me! I came into the year after overcoming a serious back injury and let’s just say, some tough experiences I had to get through. Yet, I also came into 2020 with a mindset much like the Mud Run knowing what it takes to overcome my fears and frustrations in life! Especially since I endured a few years of pain from a serious physical issue preventing me to feel in-tuned with myself including feeling present in my own body. Yet, I never gave up, kicking butt on the uphills especially when others could have knocked me down!

So I ask you, are you a lifetime engaged kind of person or are you the “weekend warrior” just killing it on a whim? If you are the later and want to start getting in the best condition of your life in a practical, ongoing, seeking truth of self and understanding of your purpose too, maybe it is time to call on your heart driven purpose. What’s that? Being completely present in yourself so you can live your optimal life through the steadiness of ongoing pursuits for optimal wellness and fire in your belly for personal change too! I generously share my team with others when working together through a heart driven purpose coaching and consulting. If interested message me for more details. #coaching #consulting #wellness #lifetime #optimal #selflove #selfcare #selfforgiveness #recharge #renewal #lifelong #engage

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