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Heart Driven Purpose

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Heart Driven Purpose is a way of life! It is knowing that "life doesn't come at you, but through you." Your heart-center, your core. Once you have this understanding and put it into practice, you can go into life with a strength and belief system that holds place in your light and love space of life! Too often I have worked with clients, especially in the last few years where they feel life has taken hold and they have no control anymore. Too many autopilot feelings and not enough engagement of a heart's purpose.

I'll be honest, I am not the best at meditating. Thank goodness for Chopra/ Oprah meditation series! These lead me into a daily meditation that I appreciate tremendously. About 20 minutes total.

Yet another meditation practice that connects me on a profound level is moving while I meditate. This actually truly clears my mind and opens my heart. To do this, my phone is put away. If I am out and about walking yes, I'll put it in my pocket or backpack, but I do not have it "on me" so to speak. It is when I walk in nature or even working out in a gym class, I get this rush of feeling and openness to ideas, sensations, truly genius solutions, or incredible inspirations. Each time I feel like it comes in a flash and I wasn't even thinking about the topic. My mind was in resting state as my body was moving and I'm completely clear. Whether I'm walking my dogs, walking myself (yes I do both) or working out this is when the light comes in naturally for me!

So whether you sit quietly to meditate, need to move like me, or both, regardless silence your phone! Being in anticipation of your phone ringing, receiving a text message or hearing social media alerts does not separate you from your consumption of thoughts! Get lost in your being you for true inspiration to find your heart driven purpose thoughts.

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