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My First Summer 2020 Sunset

This is my first sunset of Summer 2020 and I plan to take the time to reserve more opportunities for this precious sight! While taking in the majestic beauty of the Pacific Ocean I'm in awe of its power! A strong force of life yet hints of the delicate witnessed by the ripples in the ocean while seagulls dance with the waves. Much like my own life! There’s a contrast of strength and delicate all in one. That would capture my last 22 days of a dance and detox program I just completed from June 1 to June 22.

My father always said to me, “don’t tell me what you are going to do, show me!” So here I am! Not only did I do it, but everything around me could have distracted me or gotten me off course, but I was determined my wellness had to be my number 1 priority. So here I am! I even layered it with some CrossFit training Monday through Friday! I had days of 40 minute crossfit sessions at 7 am and 50 minute to an hour belly dancing at 10 am! Loved it and my healthy detox clean eating nourished me to do so too! Talk about feeling great!

I’ll share more about my journey as it was incredible and I’m truly grateful! Brain fog gone! Energy increased and I’m sleeping better! I had a severe GI issue and inflammation body rash that I was struggling with and it all baffled traditional medicine. Yet my heart decided to not be in a box or out of a box with my health needs, so there was “no box” in my decision to dance daily for 22 days! All this amazing has encouraged me to continue and I’m still dancing daily because it feels fantastic! My birthday is July 30 and I’m contemplating on dancing daily until then. Stay tuned.

I’m so happy to share you can heal your body, mind and spirit through exercise but especially with dance too! I know what I just accomplished was for myself, but others have benefitted from my health initiative too. Oxygen mask first with a heart driven purpose intention!

My dance instructor and herbalist will start a weekly dance program if interested on Fridays. It is $60 a month. If you want to venture into this fun, healthy, playful, and enjoyable practice, please reach out to her directly and get signed up!

For coaching and consulting please reach out to me by emailing me at

Happy Sumner! Make sure to catch a few sunsets soon! Photo by John Nguyen

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