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Navigating the Holidays

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Well, it is mid-month, and some kind of funky cold or flu symptoms found me. Never mind all the commitments I have this week. I guess the "illness bug" didn't get the memo that I was busy. Some of my itinerary was planned and some put on by others. The good news is that I'm listening to my body and knowing my limits. I missed out on my favorite party with my favorite people this year, but I feel that staying home was in my best interest and their best interest too. This is a nice time of year to share with others, but I do not want to share illness, that's for sure.

So, I'm writing today as a reminder, this is a time of the month that you might also start feeling a little panic; realizing you might not get to everything you planned or hoped to do. That is okay! You are human and no need to prove to yourself or others anything more. You know yourself best, and you know what you are capable of doing and not doing.

Also, you might be foreseeing some relatives or people that can be challenging for you to spend time with during the holidays. This is actually common for many people. I had someone tell me once, "Imagine everyone is in a play. Identify all the characters in the play, and don't take anything personally. When someone acts up, think of them as the protagonist. It is just a play that you are watching and participating in. Don't let any family drama take over on you. It is just a one-day show!" You know, this mindset works!

Plus, if you read any of my previous blogs about the 2019 holiday, you will also see I suggest to not over consume liquor this time of year, eat mindfully in between the holiday cookies, and try to move your body in some form of exercise, even if just for twenty minutes. This is a beautiful time of year, if you stay true to your heart's intentions for it and not clutter your life with pressure. Merry Christmas memories can only happen when you do not over extend yourself.

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