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Parsley Scrambled Eggs

Okay, so I’m entering a new phase in my health and wellness. My GI from summer food poisoning plus possible earlier food-related illness is now a journey! Thank goodness I am working from a lifetime healthy foundation! Otherwise, I don’t know if I could have survived all these up and down episodes.

I’m going to have to add and eliminate some foods right as I enter into a new phase of “healthy foods.” Pasta, tomatoes, and oats off the menu! To name a few! Yet, I need to still eat!

So, I am trying to go through my refrigerator, figuring it out, while being mindful to add because I’m hungry! lol

I introduced eggs today. I know, not vegan, but I’m working through this all. I’ve been sick. So here’s my morning creation:

High quality, not cheap, organic olive oil for onion sauté. Added scrambled up eggs with a cup of parsley, and chopped yellow peppers! Using a special salt that has no chemicals and it was flavorful and no after effect of being thirsty either! Wow! Interesting to experience!

I have extremely low blood pressure. Even when I get angry! Lol Yet, toxic salt is not the answer either. Glad @myblochwellness has me working with one of their associate's holistic centers friends in Santa Ana too.

I’m sharing because I would have never thought to add parsley and so much of it to my eggs. It just came to me as I was sorting through what I had. It was so good! Parsley chopped up is the tip!

Parsley a super detox too! I will add the salt that they sell at the Holistic Center is second to none! Super flavorful and no after thirsty feelings either! Incredible to cook with for certain!

For my vegan friends, certainly, make with you egg substitute. I just can’t have any potato right now, just sweet potato. A lot of vegan products have potato starch in them. I’m sure I can come back to it, just not now.

Please feel free to send me some recipes that are health conscientious. No dairy, no bread, or pasta for now. We will get back to pasta and bread very soon! My favorite is the pasta of course, but I'm working through this GI issue and I'm dealing with being completely open to discipline and change. I know I'm not the only one out there with the same issues! So, let's get on the right track and eat healthfully! If vegan recipes are sent, please try to provide ones with no potato starch or soy ingredients. Thank you!

Heart Driven Purpose in #selflove #selfcare by honoring my needs and having #discipline. #creativecooking #healthylifestyle #parsley

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