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Rose Bushes and the Story on Life

My dad always had stories and he could share a life lesson at a drop of a hat ! Ha! That’s an old time expression isn’t it! Lol

My first home that I owned was in Cal Heights. Tiny little home but to this day I wish I never sold it. I was obsessed with gardening, in particular flower gardening. I also inherited some rose bushes with the property! Of course I called my dad for advice and true to my dad’s ways, he rushed right over! Lol.

Well, my roses were in bloom and it was obvious their bloom was nearing the end. I wasn’t ready to trim them or cut off the heads of the roses either. I let my dad know and I even went back and forth pleading my case, but he explained the 5 leaf rule when trimming the roses being the way. He talked about how cutting off the dead will bring new life lines for new roses. He gave examples of his life with business partners, friends and various situations.

I initially had a hard time believing my roses could come back, but each time he would come over and we would continue gardening together, he was right. The roses would be back all the more beautiful and stronger too.

It’s hard to let go of old ways, much like old blooms. Yet if you think of it in the way of giving a new life a chance it’s not so awful feeling. Through talks with my dad he would share other analogies of roses to relationships, business, and life in general. Roses are beautiful but their thorns hurt too! Today, each time I trim my roses, I’m blown away how many more roses grow back afterward. I also become very peaceful and trance like while counting 5 leaves and then cut! 5 leaves cut again! I can sometimes feel as though my dad is with me pointing out the stems not to be missed.

During these unusual times of our world , have you thought of what needs trimming in your life? To give way for a new life and hopeful freedoms? How can you read just by doing today (trimming the roses) to bring new life back in your future? What part of the rose bush should you keep? Also, in reference to my dad and my times, I’ve learned a lot! Please talk to your children through personal stories and not just what’s wrong or right. Personal stories attached with your experiences and times will be what your children remember most! #stories #fatherdaughter #love #gardens #flowers #roses #parenting #lifelessons #conversations

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