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Seniors Need Social Interaction

A Mother's Day Request from my mom.... to share how she is feeling about today. . . At 86 years old she's seen the world. Survived a war. Kicked cancer's ass twice! Only took the two days off per surgery when she had breast cancer not once, but twice. Didn't miss a minute of work (our family restaurant) after radiation for 8 weeks and then 16 weeks even though her skin was pretty burned up. Let's face it, even my dad said she was a force to be reckoned with and he attributed all his successes in life to their partnership in marriage. She retired at 82.

My mom and many of her friends are very upset to be locked up right now. Sadly, social distancing is a killer for elders too. There is no winning at this realization because part of health and the immune system is having positive human relationships and connecting to life. My mom really wants to tell how as a senior, seniors are feeling about all this too. Yet, she feels her voice has been silenced. Seniors are suffering from depression and anxiety during this pandemic. Talking from our hearts on how we feel, our anxieties, our hopes, and our fears. It is important for us all to share our stories with each other in order to find common threads that connects humanity by our hearts and not just this virus.

I have an infinite respect for my elders. All elders. Especially my mom. Knowing that mother's day is coming up, I want to honor her feelings and per her request to share a senior's feelings. This breaks my heart because my mother is my everything and to see her sad makes it my sadness too. Yesterday, my mom and I talked about life. Spent time together sharing feelings and raw emotions. If you know my STRONG mother, she doesn't do this, so it was a window of time that was needed, but hurt deep in my heart to feel her hurts about the world we are all living. Upon talking to her, I knew I had to put myself in her shoes to heartfully understand. At 86 + years, she knows her days are numbered by the fact of her age, but she still wants to live. Live a life not locked up. Dealing with a new normal and sharing a moment of feelings. Mother daughter forever! #motherdaughter #love #life #storiesshared #lifelessons #heartdriven #livelife #nowaytolive

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