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Silence as Words

Someone told me, "Only those who care about you, can hear when you're quite."

I found this quote speaking directly to my heart from the Power of Positivity page on Facebook. My dad... he always knew. One time I had my own bistro restaurant in Naples and my salad bar refrigerator went out. I had to call a Commercial repair immediately and when he came out he said it needed a new compressor and it was $3,200!! Since he did work at my family’s restaurant, Nino's Italian Restaurant, I believed him.

My father called later and I was upset about the unexpected cost for my restaurant, but I didn’t want to worry him. I tried to brush it off, but he asked me why I was so quiet. I told him I was just so busy maybe I was tired.

He called back with the same “why are you so quiet” question three times. One the 4th time I gave in and told him what happened.

He asked who I called and I told him, “your guy from your restaurant.” He hung up and that was it. So the next day I had to go in and meet the repair person and I just tried to be positive and hopeful that somehow I could manage this unexpected cost added to my overhead of rent, insurance, payroll, worker’s compensation, ABC liquor license, linens, food, liquid purchases, advertising, etc. My head felt like it could explode, but I was going to put it pass me by having faith and positivity.

The technician showed up and I gave him a cheerful hello. He grunted back. So I thought, “bad day, maybe because it was so hot.” I offered him ice tea, lemonade or soda and he barked at me “no.” Okay, so maybe he has low blood sugar and needs something to eat.

“Sir, can I fix you something to eat?” This time it was borderline yelling at me. By this point I had enough and asked his what the heck was wrong with him!

His reply, “your dad called and yelled at me and said I had no right to rip off his daughter. That she was a woman, but definitely not stupid and I should have more respect for women in business. He said you only trusted me because I had worked in your dad’s place. So i violated my dad by ripping off his daughter.” Then I guess my dad called him a few choice names doing what he did to me. So I asked, “what did you do?” He told me that he’s going to only charge me $320. That he bought a part to fix it and I didn’t actually need a brand new compressor. He said “your dad was really mad at me” and then pouted about the name calling.

My reply, “Well, it sounds like you deserved it and it sounds like I need to call my dad to thank him.” When I called my dad I asked him, “Dad, how did you know? I tried my best to play down what happened, but you somehow knew even though I didn’t say anything.” His reply, “Exactly! When you are silent something is wrong.”

I miss him so much, yet I’m Intentionally grateful that I can be comforted by these memories. Having a dad like mine made all the difference in my world. He was my world in many ways, along with my mom by his side and mine. He always called us The 3 Musketeers.

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