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Thanksgiving 2020 Blessed

Thanksgiving has always been a special day to me. Loved the whole season that invites a collaboration of giving thanks, family and friends. Enjoyed our family prayer before meals and church services too. My dad would always ask God to forgive our sins during our dinner prayer, but also asked for forgiveness if we offended God. It always seemed funny in his Italian ascent for some reason and we’d all chuckle. Now, without him, I repeat his part, but I say it through tears while missing him.

This year more than ever, the celebration of gratitude is much different. A world in turmoil, a thanksgiving with stipulations, a meal incomplete in attendance, people alone in their homes and our elderly incredibly lonely too, plus no church service other than online.

So what I will do.....know that God is greater than a virus, know that God hears my prayers, know that God will prevail because it’s His way that is my way. Be extra thankful this #thanksgiving even if things don’t go as I hoped or planned because there’s a greater reason and my faith leads my heart. Say my father’s part in our prayer at dinner and pray for all the departed. I am beyond thankful for this upcoming day of Thanksgiving because I have my mother of 86. I am thankful for my home, my pets, and my life itself.

I’m not promised tomorrow, but I have my promise in today and for that I’m thankful!

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