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Vegetable Soup for the Season

So it is that time of year and I officially am hearing about flus and colds from friends and colleagues close to home! As soon as the weather starts to get cooler, or in Southern California weather patterns "really hot to really cold in a day," I start making homemade soup once to twice a week. I seriously can get soup for every meal or as an in between snack. Vegetable soup being my favorite. Lentil, Spilt Pea or Chicken Vegetable are other options too.

For organic vegetable soup I saute onions in olive oil. Do not brown, just lightly blonde is how I describe it. All ingredients for this are organic and non GMO. Your choice if you want non organic or GMO. Then add chopped half of a green cabbage, sliced carrots, chopped celery, chopped potatoes (red, brown or yellow okay), and one can of chopped tomatoes (no added salt). You can add other vegetables depending on your preference. I have added spinach and peas before too. Of course you can get creative with your recipe ingredients. This is your special fuel of nutrition and comfort!

Once soup starts cooking I add vegetable bouillon too. I used to add salt and pepper, but as of lately I find the soup does not need it. I can also make a batch of pasta or rice and add to the soup too. Or I might get an Italian or French loaf of bread and serve that with the soup too.

What is nice about this soup recipe is that once it is cooking, you don't really have to stir it too much. Do always be mindful to keep an eye on anything that you have on the fire or electric cooking.

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