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Welcome to 2020!

Hello 2020! You could say I’m feeling incredibly enthusiastic about 2020 as I closed the door to the last decade last night! I think this photo that Rachel Heimerman took of me mimics the feeling I have in it, a Linda Hamilton of the famed movie, The Terminator! Like the character in the movie, Sarah Conner is a waitress turned warrior and if anything, I have proven to myself that I too am that waitress turned warrior in life! The last several years especially. With an emphasis between 2014 to 2018. The windows of those years were my coming through some serious fires of my life as the strongest version of myself possible, my heart driven purpose prevailed me to be who I was all along, stronger than I knew a person was capable. I could have only learned this about myself when I was pushed to the limits and then over my limits too. A fierce reality check the universe blessing me to take, obstacles that turned as incredible life lessons! Like the assignment Sarah Conner was given in the Terminator, she had no choice but victory by pulling from within what she had all along. Strength, courage, respect and love for self and others. That has been my course in the last year. Did I like all of it? Of course not! Did I champion it? Yes, with my heart. If I was caught up in my head, I would have never mastered the lessons learned.

In a nutshell, I have learned that I cannot do everything brilliantly, but I can be me brilliantly. I am genuine, sentimental, courageous, kind, and sometimes G or better known as Bad Ass too! The voice for the voiceless. The authority figure in the room when things go wrong, and the big sap of tears when that is called on too.

I took the last six months to be in a cocoon so to speak, to expand myself to fly like I have never flown before in my life. My clients will have a broader spectrum of coaching and consultations with a deeper calling to share heart driven purpose with others! This isn’t outside of you; it is inside of you. Waiting to be rediscovered! So, forget about resolutions or goals as you have known it. This is a new decade to not think in a box or out of a box, it is time to throw away the box and be you!

I have a great assessment reflection tool that I would love to share with you so sign up on my website and I’ll be sure to get it to you. It is not an assessment for everywhere in life to be 10’s rather it is an assessment of what your heart wants and where balance can be found to have your heart matter in your life decisions. Whether for your personal life, work life, social life, love life or all of the above!

I can be testimony of this as my life as become incredibly rich in experiences, quality time and quality people with the shift of an acceptance to be strong in my ability to say no as much as yes. Warrior strong. Heart Driven Purpose Stronger. Happy 2020 Everyone! We have no idea what this year will bring, but I’m here for a lifelong journey not for just one destination or purpose, but multiple expansion.

Ways to reach me:, Or text 562-760-8957 to set up appointments or coaching calls.

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