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What is Love?

Someone recently asked me what I thought love was and without hesitation I said, “I am love.” I’ve come to understand that love doesn’t happen outside of me by chance, it starts from within. Me being love, embracing love and surrounding myself with love. Actually just being me, in a space of love. It doesn’t mean I go around in pink colored glasses either. Life isn’t always fair, kind or for that matter loving. Let's be honest, some days can have extra doses of unloving examples, but I stay true to being love through my heart driven purpose. What is that? Choosing my yes and no in life. By the choices I make when I rest my mind and call on my intuitive heart for answers, courage, strength, convictions, friendship, care, and callings too. It is my humanness all entwined in my love. Love isn’t perfect and either am I. Which is liberating to love that part of me too!

Love isn’t alone either. It actually comes with a “one-two punch” so to speak in life. That one-two is love and respect. Love and respect for self and others. Knowing that I can respect someone else's opinions, listen to opposing views and understand differences do not need to make divisions in life. All is ONE when I truly embrace those different from me, not of the same thought, but respect one another’s opinion and difference. That is the meaning of LOVE to me, my essence of being love. ONE = ONE. LOVE = LOVE. RESPECT = RESPECT.

I love this mural on Second and PCH that reads, “Long Beach is love.” What does love mean to you?

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