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What's in Your Refrigerator?

Half my inspiration is my craving, but my other half is what’s in my refrigerator. Since I can remember it has been engrained in me to not waste food! My grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles all survived a war with serious food rations and bombs coming down on their homes and communities. Their stories were detailed and told with a mix of pain, sadness and courage to prevail. The most important aspects of their stories were always what they learned and how it could be applicable to life today!

Their history now a part of my history plus my charge to overcome their hardships by living in their honor and by their lessons.

Hence why I will go through my refrigerator before I give in to a craving to prepare a dish based on groceries here. Neighbors and friends get a kick out of my abilities and think it’s some kind of magic! Lol! It’s not. I buy quality, keep to simple ingredients and enhance flavors with subtle additions. I hear there is a Middle Eastern saying, “don’t bake bread unless it is done with love.” That could apply to the way I cook since it’s with love too!

I was blessed with incredible self made Master chefs in my family and I was always surrounded with wholesome meals prepared by several family members knowing the importance to gather together and break bread with one another. I never took for granted that these same family members suffered from hunger not by choice but by their time and circumstances.

Tonight’s dinner isn’t anything spectacular. I was exhausted by a good busy day so I made this salad with what was left and that was cucumbers , avocados, celery, and onions plus my staple olive oil and for this red wine vinegar and salt. I have really low blood pressure so I can actually have salt, but no one should have just plain table salt! That stuff will kill you! Himalayan salt or Real Salt (yes the later a type of salt). Also heated up some quinoa / cauliflower organic pasta with a twist on pesto(walnuts, parsley, basil, a little cilantro, olive oil and a tiny bit of fresh garlic).

Perfect dinner and I am completely grateful to have a freshly made meal based on what I have. There’s something very comforting with satisfaction for what you have and not running after what you do not!

Might I add, on my busy day I still did a virtual barre class for 15 minutes, kickboxing for 30 and belly dancing for 30 minutes too! Keep moving and start exercising! 10 minutes is better than nothing! Start with something. You can seriously take a short walk in your neighborhood, with your dog on a cool part of the day, or just turn on your favorite songs and dance! Don't just sit and contemplate life, move your body and encourage yourself you can and will move forward by taking care of yourself too.

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