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When Alone Take The Dogs

Having someone special can make the holiday season all the more special, but sometimes life doesn't work out that way. My friend made me laugh when she shared, "I wish I just had someone during the holidays, otherwise I'm fine being single." How many people feel this rings true for them too?

I realized that over the years, I have had some miserable holiday experiences because I was with the wrong person and therefore an unhappy relationship. My father used to always say to me, "It feels lousy to be lonely, but it is lonelier to feel lonely when you are with the wrong person." Wow! Is that not truth. This year I can honestly say that I have championed the blues that try to creep in. When friends canceled or were not available, I took off with my dogs! I changed the way I was thinking about it and forced myself to get dressed up and to get out and go! Part of thriving is overcoming and conquering situations that could be harmful on the Bank of Emotion. It overdraws quickly if you do not pay attention and continue to make yourself a priority.

Lucky for me, Hugo and Autumn are awesome companions as well as super cute! They never questioned what I wanted to do, where we were going and they also seemed to enjoy the traffic. More time to hang out together. Seeing life through my dogs' eyes is such a blessing. They continually teach me unconditional love, loyalty, friendship, joy, and living in the moment. I'm forever grateful for their contribution to my life.

I also realize that I rather be with me than with someone who takes me for granted or sucks my energy because of their negativity. It isn't fun to be with someone that robs my joy or doesn't like Christmas as much as I do. I feel so balanced and happy within that actually the contentment of that is overcoming any feelings of being single that might shake me at this time of year. I am grateful and can honestly say I am happily single.

When I was younger my friend Tony gave me a book by Shel Silverstein, "The Missing Piece." A children's story with an adult impact. It is about a piece searching the world to fulfill the missing piece inside only to find that what she/he thought was missing was not. It is a touching story on the quest of happiness and fulfillment. I will be honest, when I first read the story I thought, "What the hell? Why did he give me such a book?" How funny is that! Now I realize it is my story told. I have everything I need and I am everything I need. I am the love I was searching for outside of me, inside of me! I am love and no reason to look further. Love comes into my life through my daily occurrences and if ever a special person is one of the occurances, then all the better! The search is over because I can honestly and wholeheartedly say I found me!

Here is a Youtube link:

By the way, I am a huge animal advocate and believe in the power of their love and companionship. I also believe in responsible and loving pet ownership. If you are thinking of adding a dog, a cat, or both to your family, please do your research. Please feel free to email me any questions at Finally, adopt don't shop!

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