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White Christmas Party Theme

I was invited to a clients all white Christmas party. I was told we had to wear all white. This is a big client too so I was nervous knowing everyone will be dressed to the "nines" in the holiday whites best. I'll be honest, I generally don't wear anything white during the winter months. That is more of a summer outfit for me not winter. Plus I was also not prepared to spend a lot of money since I put myself on a budget while recently reading a financial saving book yet I needed an all white outfit for the party. Add that I rescue dogs and donate to many dog causes and rescues, I have to be extra mindful of my spending.

Well, here is my bargain outfit breakdown! Black Friday at Macy's white sweater was less than $30. Dr. Scholl's shoes $29.99 at TJ Maxx. Most adorable short boots and extremely comfortable too! White jeans on sale $15. White Vest $16 and white beautiful scarf $12.99. My total outfit was less than $100. It was awesome to get so many compliments on my uber comfortable and warm outfit too! Shop the sales! Look around! Be practical when you need to purchase clothes for special occasions.

I had another party to attend that was a gala and I bought my beautiful long dress from Venus online. That was less than $50 with tax, but is a nice quality material so it doesn't look cheap. Unfortunately that night I became really ill and couldn't attend the gala, but I feel I still can wear this dress at another occasion and I'm not out too much money for it. Feeling grateful and practical in a powerful way!

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