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Who Do You Go To?

“Nothing will change your life so completely, absolutely, and forever like learning how to pray.” From a great book, “I Heard God Laugh” by Matthew Kelly.

The first Sunday of 2021 and it is a great day to consider putting this in motion for you and your loved ones. Whether you can attend service or not, prayers can be done anywhere! Including while washing dishes, making your bed, etc. There’s a wonderful peace in practicing formalities and rituals, yes! First to admit I love traditions. So I have ventured into attending services virtually last year and will continue today, even though I miss going to churches to light candles and pray. Yet, talking to God and engaging in conversations with him can happen anywhere and everywhere!

Think how we cultivate friendships and relationships in general. It’s not a one time action, but an evolvement over time. Nurturing the relationship and getting to know the other person. Why not do this with God?

You might be asking, “Why should I pray?” It’s a great question and answer in one! We often turn to those around us, instead of turning to the ONE who has all the answers to our questions. You do get there is a bigger meaning to this life,... right?

The way to honor yourself is not to just accept any answer from friends, media or family even, but to seek God’s answers for YOU.

Pray today! Start a conversation with God. The people in your life cannot possibly have all the answers to this world, only ONE does. Call on your soul journey in this life and pray!

Happy Sunday! #prayer #god #conversations #souljourney #sunday #meaningoflife

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