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Your GPS Needs to Know Where You Are

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

I think the most difficult challenge in business ownership is that many business owners fail to take inventory where they are at. They have an idea where they want to end up, maybe, but mostly they are free falling to get there. Without taking a detailed look at where you are today, what you have accomplished or what you need to get done, you have no idea where you are going. Period.

Imagine, going onto WAZE or another GPS site and refusing to let the system know where you are at for it to give you directions on how you get there. It won't work. Frankly it doesn't work in life either. Especially not business, but also in reference to your personal life.

Typically, people only set goals at the beginning of the year, you know that good old fashioned new year's resolution tactic, with an enormous failure rate, yet every year people set out their New Year with big plans. Why do their goals fail? Certainly, an overzealous list of goals can be one reason, but the main reason is that they never took inventory where they are at so their goals aren't realistic, navigated, or timely impactful.

To avoid this in my personal and professional life, I treat every month as a new beginning much like a new year's resolution reset. The last few days of the month is a time of inventory for me. What did I do, what did I not do, and what could I could I have done better or need to do better in the next month. Then I visit my short-term goals and long-term goals because knowing where I am today, helps me strategically plan out my next month while keeping to my short- and long-term goals of my career path and intentions for personal victories. Especially in terms of my wellness. You can do this too!

We used to talk about thriving and not just surviving until the entire world experienced 2020 unanimously. Everything is upside down and inside out. Just as I sat down to write this, I hear that restaurants in Long Beach are now only allowed to serve on the patio and no longer have inside dining for three weeks! Wow! Add to our familiarity of the requirement to wear masks and to keep a "social distance" of 6 feet from others. People are losing their jobs left and right and unemployment isn't working out for everyone. and the list goes on. Yet, we need to take an inventory on a personal and professional front to be responsible for our business, self and for our loved ones too. Having a realistic inventory and focused reflection sessions will empower you to design a plan that can help maintain sanity through all of these unusual times.

Let's take accountability now to achieve dreams and goals with an action driven and strategically planned framework every month to keep you on track so you no longer need to marvel at "where does time go" with a monthly tracker by Heart Driven Purpose! Here are five tips for you to take inventory to give your GPS your location in life.

1. Physical Activity is essential for our immunity! Did you know that? Our bodies thrive when we move and exercise doesn't need to be complicated. In fact it can be as easy as taking brisk walks in your neighborhood, to virtual work out classes online, or dancing to your favorite songs! Today I have been dancing for 30 days straight since thanks to Dancing the Divine's 22 Dance Detox program. It has been so rewarding that I haven't stopped and tonight will be my 31st day dancing! I also walk my dogs and participate in an online crossfit training class thanks to another friend from animal rescue. Plus when not doing crossfit, I am a member of an Open Fit program which is an online exercise program too. I have never felt so energized during the day and I have never slept so well at night either. Despite the stress of our world today, I am taking the time to take care of me by moving my body!

2. Food, yes food. After all, you are what you eat. The other day when I was standing in my social distancing line at the grocery store, I was shocked to see the displays of junk food candy bars, chips, and cookies. Really a mess of fillers that I know would only make my body feel toxic! If the food you put in your body doesn't have a nourishing value, then why eat or drink it? Start add more organic non-GMO green vegetables, fresh fruits, proteins and if vegan, find out what kinds of proteins you need as a vegan too. Eating out at restaurants? Try to find restaurants offering healthy options too.

3. Career is a full-time commitment as you know, but too often people spend an exceeding amount of time working and not living! If you are stressed about your job, or you find that you no longer have passion for it, take the time to take inventory of why that is and determine how to increase your enjoyment through productivity. Maybe you need some professional development to ignite a passion within again. Keep in mind, the more productive you feel, the less likely you will be killing time while at work thus losing valuable free time to enjoy your life!

4. Spirituality is an aspect of life where we see our lives in relationship to our meaning and purpose. Whatever your belief system is, honor it by unplugging from technology and spending time in prayer, reflection, meditation, and song. Truly embrace your inner voice, and for me, this interpretation means having a heart driven purpose. My spiritual relationship of having a heart driven purpose is my connection to God. I'm making prayers my first waking moments. Gratitude my second. This sets the tone for my mood because I'm calling God into my day immediately and then throughout until I go to bed.

5. Relationships are important social connections that humans need. If you are single or in a transitional place in life, work on the relationship with yourself through self-love and self-care! Enjoy your quality time being alone, and start taking inventory of all your gifts. If you saw what God saw in you, you would know you are amazing! Also, if it helps include those in your life in your gratitude time. As a daily practice, I include all those that work at my animal veterinary hospital, the people of LapDog H2O, and my chiropractors that saved my back! They too are part of my social relations that makes me being single during COVID-19 not so alone! I also feel pets are wonderful companions that offer unconditional love. For me, taking my dogs to the park or on walks gives me a wonderful connection with other dog parents to strike up a conversation with them too. Certainly take inventory of relationships that drain you as well and think about ways in which you can improve those relationships or add more quality in your life with supportive and loving friends and family members.

6. Financial Health is not something to ignore especially during a time of an economic turmoil. What can I say, but this is a time to write down all your monthly bills and review where you can save. Also, what assets you might have and could liquidate if there was a need. Take the time to inventory your resources too. This is not to set in panic, but to be able to make smart decision on your actions today! The other night while dining at one of my favorite restaurants, I immediately saw they had too many on staff. The overhead comes with additional expenses for hourly wages and this is a time to understand what you can afford. A great book to read for a personal journey on financial health is called "Money A Love Story." Also, any Dave Ramsey book or podcast is wonderful to invest time in too, but please remember to first and foremost take inventory of your financial health before trying to get somewhere, know where you are at.

As always, this is where private life coaching assists you in feeling most successful of becoming the leader of your life! Taking charge of where you are now to have a dialed in GPS system for your future. Having a life coach provides the support needed through crafting your action driven strategic plan to create an optimal personal and professional life combined. It also benefits you to have an accountability coach to keep you on course! Whether you can enlist in private life coaching sessions now or not, you are able to start with your inventory list by taking into account with these six tips that I provided you. With your location known, your GPS (strategic/business plan) will get you where you want to go!

Email for more information on business consulting and life coaching.

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